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All of your morning wakeups cannot be very enjoyable . As you have been waked up in the middle of deep sleep ,you might have felt the drowsiness ,little bit uneasy ,angry !. It makes your whole day a stressful day some times. The Finland  based Company called Smart Valley Software released  Happy wakeup,an interesting innovative alarm clock  for Smart Phones (Nokia S60s and Apple Iphones) that makes you wakeup happy.

Happy wakeup is the award winning software . It won the the second place from the Nokia’s competition for innovative applications in 2008.

This software developed based on their long time research about the sleep pattern of human.(click here to find more information about sleep )


They found that if a person waked up or disturbed during his/her deep sleep ,the body doesn’t have fresh wakeup or happy wake up feelings. This happy wakeup software uses the phones microphone to detect the sleeping pattern from the noise made during the sleep. May be our body movements and breathing sounds.

You have to keep the phone ,happy wakeup switched on within 50 CM distance from you during your sleep.

Happy Wakeup How it works

It has a activation time which is maximum 120 minutes and minimum 20 minutes from your default alarm (real alarming time )

Happy Wakep Activatin

Happy Wakep Activatin

for example if you want to wakeup by 6.30 AM ,you should set the activation time in the happy alarm as 6.10 AM or earlier. The alarm you can set using your phone’s clock . both integrates .

Happy Wakeup

Happy Wakeup

As you set the activation time 6.10 AM on above example ,the program will start by the time and will be monitoring your sleeping pattern using phone’s microphone It will give  alarm signal  when it realizes you already started to wakeup or your sleep is not deep now.if you never come to a stage to be disturbed then happy wakeup will not function and the real alarm time your phone will give alarm signal(6.30 AM as per example).

I have tested happy wakeup alarm from my Nokia N95 8 GB for last one week prior to write this review. I am feeling very nice wakeup ,fresh mornings after this alarm. Few day happy wakeup never disturb me as it was my deep sleep (really i got to bed very late some days after updating my blog )I was trying happy wakeup on 1 week free trial and now I got a full  license as I felt it is worth for it .

You can download Happy wakeup for Symbian Phones for free here

Download available via apple itunes for apple platform.

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