Apple Shows Profits and Wins the Battle 2009

Apple announced the financial stand for the first quarter of 2009 .The company Got a revenue of 8.16 billion US dollars and a net quarterly profit of 1.21 billion US dollars.

Even though the world’s economy is down ,that did not effect apples sales. During this worse economy situation ,Apple is 1 of the few of the companies make profit this year.

The current results compare quite favorably to the revenue of 7.51 billion US dollars (8.6% increase) and net quarterly profit of 1.05 billion US dollars (15.2% increase) achieved in the same period last year. .

The major share of the revenue earned by the sales of Apple Iphones and Apple TV .

he iPhone 3G units sold this quarter were 3.79 million, which is exactly 123% more than the sales for the same period last year. The company also managed to move 2.22 million Macs and 11.01 million iPods (3 percent growth)

The AppStore downloads have already hit the billion mark

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