Apple Iphone rocks in 2009 too : A thought after the iphone Os 3.0 preview

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Apple Iphone

By S.Manimaraa

Apple iPhone got ” best customer satisfied product ” award last month .When apple launches iphone ¬† their marketing target for the year 2008 was selling 10 million handsets but they sold 13.7 million handsets and went beyond their own target as apple rocks.Apple sold 30 Million devices within the end of 2008 including Ipoid touch.

When Apple entered the market no one expected this much success. Today Apple Iphone is one of the key phone being used by business professionals ,and specially for business.

Apples big screen ,nice touch functions ,innovative idea of Operating system ,connectivity solutions all together produced this massive success to apple.

Apple Os 2.0 missed some most wanted features like copy,cut& paste ,landscape for all applications (Auto rotate)MMS support ,but all this has been improved in the recent release of Apple OS 3.0 it got about 100 new features and 1000 APIs for application developers.


Apple dos not has the video calling feature ,no flash for photo shoot . The camera also less in Mega Pixel comparing to lot of mobile phones nowadays. Video is definitely not a best one. but beyond this weakness still apple grows. Apple online application store has more than 50,000 paid application developers(paid their enrolment fee first before selling their apps)80 Million downloads so far (march 2009)

ESPN ,SEGA and all other world leading companies working closely with apple and developing applications ,Apple got plenty of applications to be installed from different types like enterprise solutions ,games,disease and medical cure solutions ,entertainment  .

Nokia is providing more hardware powered ,all in one like mobile devices ,but apple stick with mainly what they have and strengthens their existence .

Most of features that, recently added to Apple Os 3.0, like copy and paste,search the phone,stereo Bluetooth profile already adopted and being used by Nokia devices like N95 .

As a Smartphone power user what is my opinion is if you have a best smart phone from any brand ,just nice to keep an extra Apple iphone with you if you can afford.

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