Apple Iphone 3GS : Feed Backs : What people say ?

After the  launch of Apple Iphone 3GS  in US and UK now we are able to get the feed backs from the various users. This is a collection of feed backs from the power users and standard users of Apple iphone 3G s . Some of this are  comparisons with the Apple Iphone and iphone 3 G(previous versions)

  1. Screen is brighter than all previous versions, when I set the brightness for a maximum level in Apple Iphone I did not get enough ,but the 30% of the brightness I set in new Apple Iphone 3 GS is much more better. Brighterrrrrrrrrr!
  2. Screen quality is good. Clarity  of the images are very impressive . Colours are more rich .
  3. Web is high speed now, I uploaded videos using At&T 3G connection within few mins . It was really amazing. (you can see the video taken and uploaded bellow)
  4. Video quality is there to a satisfactory level ,at out doors. Indoor video shooting is bellow than average. It is not a good component ,but at least we got video with this version. Video recording  is 30 FPS. As usual the software features are good.

  5. Camera is a definite improvement to the iphone freaks. This gives some dots free photos at low lights . Normally it focuses at the center of the object ,but just touch on anything you see on the screen ,now the camera focus on the particular area ,really good idea.Indoor photo shooting is ok now. I will not carry my bulgy digital camera hereafter .

  6. Key press   re organized with various functions ,I got upset when I was using for first time. I hold the button to close the apps but it started the voice dialing feature. But the voice dialing feature is really good ,I can call by name by telling “Call Rita ” or I can say ” Call 11457888888″ it does both job perfectly.
  7. The onscreen compas is very usefull and intergrates with all map applicatyions ,spcecially with google maps it works fine. The days trun around for directions gone .

  8. Apple Iphone 3Gs now got all the features we missed for last 2 years like MMS,Copyand Paste.

The following video is a sample for Apple 3 GS video quality (at Out door)

Web load time : Speed comparison video between apple iphone and Apple 3gs

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