An Email that a Boss should not send to an Employee

Way to high life standerds

Way to high life standerds

My Friend Mr.Raffles Working in a company in Malaysia ,He is a family man who supports from his income his wife and three kids.Once happened to ask a salary increment of of USD 60 after this recent economic  crisis of the world ,from his boss. Boss told him to give one or two weeks  for his decision .

Finally after few reminding emails sent, Mr Raffles got the reply from the Boss. Below you can see the original letter.I don’t want to comment on this letter as it sent by an multi national company’s branch head to the employee who does the hard work there for 11 months.

“Dear Mr.Raffles,

Re : Salary Increment of USD 60

After a long discussion in meeting of the board of directors ,we have decided to hold your increment for some time. After one year completion of your service we will review this based on your  performance. Mean time we would like to advice you to reduce your expenses.

We strongly recommend you  to stop eating meats. It is bad for the health and same time takes lot of money from your pocket. Eat more vegetables,You better do a research on vegetables ,as they are less expensive always ,if possible try to be a vegetarian it is very good for the health and savings.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about our organization always and help us to grow further as that is every ones growth .

yours truly,

Mr.Jill watson.

Branch Manager,

Calimbia Corporation
Nahor Bahru

********************Here some tips for the managers of such companies************* thanks for co blogger for this points..

Employee’s Motivational Tips to Managers

  1. If you have an extremely urgent job for me, run in and ask for a progress report every 10 minutes, stressing that you need it done quickly. This helps a lot. Even better, hover behind me as I work – this is guaranteed to produce a good result.
  2. Leave without telling anyone where you are going. It’s good for the soul to have a panic attack when a decision has to be made and your not there to approve it.
  3. Never give me urgent work in the morning. Always wait until 4pm. The challenge of a deadline is refreshing.
  4. Keep me working until 8pm every night. I have no life, family or home to go to and keep me busy every waking second so I don’t dwell on it.
  5. If I do a job well. Don’t tell anyone. It will be our little secret. On the other hand, if I do a bad job, please tell everyone. It’s important we all know our worth in the office.
  6. If you have special instructions for a job, please don’t tell me in advance. Wait until the job is completed and tell me what I should have done. No use confusing me with useful information.
  7. When you show clients around the building, please do not introduce me. I mean nothing to the company so please do not even glance in my direction.
  8. Confide in me about your financial woes. I especially like to hear about how much tax you had to pay on that 10K Christmas bonus.

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