A Complete Review of Nokia N97 :Weekend Reading

A long Waited complete review of Nokia N97 is ready now.Mobile review dot com released it’s first complete review of Nokia N97 this week. But unfortunately it is in Russian ,here we have published the English version of the review for our readers.

The Original  Review in Russian taken from . This is the translation in English . All credits to :

A Complete Review of Nokia N97


1. Positioning
2. Design, size, controls
3. Display
4. Keyboard
5. Battery
6. Memory
7. Productivity
8. USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
9. Luggage
10. Musical ability
11. Software features of Nokia N97
12. Impressions

Package Contents:

* Phone
* Charger
* Stylus
* Battery BP-4L
* Instruction
* The CD with software
* USB-cable


De facto, Nokia N97 is one of the most expensive models of the company and the cost is not due to the presence of a touch screen, it is in the presentation of Nokia is not facing any kind of function that needs to be stressed by all forces, including the price. This device is the first of a new generation of smartphones on S60, which are persistently referred to as Nokia computers. The new generation does not need to understand a particular version of the platform, hardware, or something like that. It is clear that the appliance on S60 fifth edition, like Nokia 5800, albeit with some differences. The most basic, it is the first device from Nokia, which is out of the box has a scattering of different services are integrated into a single shell. Admit the truth, all that was before the Nokia N97 has exactly the same opportunities. Put this program, even the one not to forget to configure them, and get similar results, will use network services without any problems. But the integration with the phone’s interface, in most cases will not. This is probably more a question of convenience. For example, the Nokia Maps 3.0 debuted at the Nokia N97, but you can install it and all of the current model. Something can not be set, for example, widgets that have been developed for this unit and in the future will only appear on a device Nseries, Eseries. Of course, there are strong differences between these categories of products.

Category in which the company is positioning this device – Explore. This means that more smartphone serves as an invitation for young people looking for interesting, functional devices, as well as those who are interested always in the most modern phone with a number of unusual, is not represented in the functions of other devices. This is not a mass market that nakladyvayas at the cost of this unit makes it a relatively niche. He did not repeat the success of Nokia N95, but no one makes him a bet. Any QWERTY-device on the niche, they do not become widespread, it is unlikely to be the exception.

Most consumers long accustomed to the marketing game, when the cost and value of devices in their eyes is determined megahertz, megapixels, the availability of a technology on board. This time is a thing of the past, because in addition to hardware performance, it will be important to how closely the device can be integrated with existing or future services. How well can work with them and what the program offers features directly from the box. In this aspect, Nokia N97 first experience behind him followed by other models that are targeted at a mass market segments. To say that this device has the greatest potential, removed from the market all the other proposals, the killer of all things, and so forth, you can not. In the Nokia N97 a new concept for all devices from Nokia, emphasis is placed on projects. And everything new is perceived in the market is not just takes time getting used to. Although even if set aside projects constituting the lion’s share of innovations in the Nokia N97, there remain a number of unique features, such as form factor, as well as a number of applied solutions, and we’ll talk about them further.

Nokia N97 Size
Nokia N97 Size

Over half of the device revealed an unexpected thing for me, the company sincerely do not see it as a phone, but look at it as a computer. No fools, like a normal computer that is out of the box has some functionality, but for which you want to install additional programs. Therefore, lack of most services for debyutirovaniya on the Nokia N97, dampness number of widgets and similar things, not stopped the company from the release device on the market. Insulting, but not fatally. As a joke in the company, at the same time and check our concept of the computer in action. By default, the unit looks not only update firmware, and individual programs. Therefore, ideally, the user will receive six months the whole set of services that will run the company.

The market is not so much the keyboard device, usually a solution for Windows Mobile. But Nokia did not consider them as competitors for its decision, it is believed that today begins a segment of mobile computers, where the device acts as a platform, but his appeal is reflected in the presence of additional software, services. For the first time, the company positions its solution as a competitor Apple iPhone, as well as key Windows Mobile devices. The challenge to achieve maximum sales for the emerging niche, at a minimum price of the device. De facto, the company decided that the cost of Nokia N97 to be minimal among all such products. Not for nothing, but for the money available. In the April issue of the cost of Nokia N97 has been a priority for the company, he has repeatedly discussed and finally, by the time the output device in June (in May only to small quantities of certain operators) price has been reduced to a minimum. For example, the market value of the U.S. model will be about 550-600 dollars, in Europe at the start of sales of around 550 euro and then to less about 500 Euro. Even in Russia the price will not exceed 600 euro, that atypical for such products.

The company has repeatedly stressed that the Nokia N97 is positioned not only as a leader, but also the replacement of Nokia E90 Communicator. This positioning of the artificial, not a right for those who use Communicator from Nokia in their daily lives. These products are not united even score anything, this variety of products. If the Communicator, the main objective was to provide convenient access to e-mail, a large keyboard, which is a key element in the design, the Nokia N97 in the comfort of your keyboard is much lower. In the next two years we see the continuation line communicators, so there is an attempt to position Nokia N97, as an adequate substitute for such devices. Unfortunately, Nokia N97 is not a replacement. The uniqueness of the Nokia Communicator line can not create something similar in the short term and the next Communicator will be running Linux, but not S60. But until the product is still far and therefore the next year, Nokia N97 is one of the few products with a relatively large QWERTY-keyboard.

N97 compare with E90
N97 compare with E90

N97 compare e90 in another view

Comparison with the Nokia E90:

Let us away from the official position and think who would buy this device. In my opinion, this will be fans of technology, such as young people who охочи to this kind of devices. Also, it is the users who buy the flagship of Nokia, because it is the flagship. They do not care about the functionality of their objective to buy Masthead device from Nokia. Both of these segments are small, predictable. But whether this device is interesting for those looking for a function, a handy tool for everyday work. This question remains open.

Nokia N97 and E71
Nokia N97 and E71

The buyer of Nokia N97, select this appara consciously I see people bought Nokia 5800, satisfaction with this device, its capabilities, but have the need for hardware klaviture. Either the person who did not buy 5800, but who need a keyboard. In western countries, Nokia N97 will have a huge success among those who are actively using Facebook. This, if not ideal, it is close to the device to the network. But for the mass market device is not accessible, often incomprehensible, overly functional. Although there are a number of izyuminok attractions and to doubt that the pick.( has a famous article about N97 and Xpress Music Comparison ,you can read it-note by


A long time, the market was not the replacement of Nokia E90, it does not exist today. But several generations of QWERTY-smartphones in the E-series is expanding and has an alternative. The best product for the price / quality ratio becomes a Nokia E71, this is the direction the company will develop. Potential buyers of Nokia N97 today, is often used by Nokia E71. Unfortunately, good reasons for changing the current device on the news, they do not. Keyboard Nokia E75, as well as his musical version of Nokia 5730 is another option for mass device without a touch screen. One of the most popular music smartphones, this Nokia 5800. It turns out that Nokia is planning to compete with their own products, some of which were extremely successful. A large range of products has not so much a niche for the Nokia N97, but it exists. The market has no direct competitors to this machine from other manufacturers, the main competition is set within a range of Nokia.

Design, size, controls

The size is typical for a smartphone QWERTY-device and not a rejection – 117.2h55.3h15.9 mm (in the chamber 18.2 mm). These dimensions are comparable with HTC Touch Pro, and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, and the Nokia 5800 is not much smaller. What you can see in the photos themselves. Another point is that due to a greater height, the device does not look so thick and more than proportionately. But the thickness of the shell at all about the same. Weight 150 grams smartphone. Here it turns out that all the filling not so easy, on the other hand, and other devices of 140 grams. In the hands of Nokia N97 is a heavy stick, but it is accustomed to it.



Wonderful cause, but many of my friends, playing with the Nokia N97, saying that would like to see the weight of the device was more. In their view, the phone does not weigh too much, which makes it cheaper perception. This is a quirk of psychology that are transforming used plastic in the lightness of weight, because 150 grams is 150 grams. Experiment at home, found that the replacement panels from plastic to metal, turned to N97 in a monster, weighing 210-215 grams. Not very optimal weight.
The model will be available in two colors – white and dark brown. I like the two colors, white, well-fit women.

On the edge of the shell is a metal edge, just below the front surface, chest inside it is not so much as a Nokia 5800, and the larger screen allows you to work with the device more comfortable. Above the screen is front camera, LED illumination.

The used materials are plastic shell. It is velvety and pleasant to the touch, glossy front cover, mark. If the pressure on the apparatus from all over Duri, then it will squeak. At about the same success could make the creak and Vertu, no difference. The quality of the assembly was good, despite the fact that plastic is used. The question that wittingly or unwittingly is to occur, better build quality than the Nokia 5800 or not? Given that the Nokia N97 have moving parts, and machinery can not have a small float halves.







Here it turns out one unique detail, the lateral halves of slider rigidly fixed relative to one another, to reveal the unit can only push on the lower bound and putting up the display. Useless to try to push on the screen, sides, and so forth, this does not lead to anything. Unique design allows you to be tough. The disclosure condition, she is also rigidly fixed. Disclosure in one direction only. In the video with a story about designers creating N97 emphasis on the sound with the phone closed and open. This is akin to audio designers to create the sound of closing doors to the cars. In my opinion, in the same E90 sound much finer.
Hot discussion arose around the fact that the mechanism joints are made of plastic. Mol, plastic is not the same as metal, and certainly they will break. Anticipate and say that this will not happen, I will not, this version of events is likely to occur. I note only that at the time konstuirovaniya Nokia N97, chose different options and this mechanism has been the best in their performance. In panels inserted rubber gaskets, so that half did not beat each other at closing time. Plume is visible, but if you do not ask him to sharp objects, then it all will be OK.




The difficulty of establishing a mechanism and its uniqueness to ensure that disclosure of the angle of 35 degrees. Other models can not boast of this, the minimum angle of the disclosure in the Xperia, HTC Touch Pro in it and did not. In the past, only this model as the HTC TyTN II has the opportunity to turn down the screen. On the peculiarities of the mechanism can be found in the review.

Size of HTC TyTN II and the keyboard, not to mention a very convenient apparatus for this set, the Nokia N97 it is pleasant, although not without flaws.

In disclosing the unit automatically changes the orientation of the screen, which is understandable. The absence of speakers function keys are also plus. Location of the front camera is that it can be used as a web-camera.


At the left end, there are two dynamics, they coincide with those in the Nokia 5800 both volume and quality. Also on the left side of the connector microUSB, it is not covered plug. Beside it is an indicator of charging, it lights up white. No other use of this indicator does not have that extremely insulting. There is a slider to lock the keypad. On the right side of the camera button, and double the volume keys. At the top end you can see a 3.5 jack for headsets, as well as on / off switch.
Connector for microSD memory cards under the rear lid, is supported by «hot» replacement. An unusual slot for SIM-card, he leaves the building on skids.
What kind of fun colors, this is an issue. To my taste, the original machine looks white, while dark colors classic, nondescript, and it did not immediately know Nokia N97 (closed). On the other hand, the white body is dirt and it marks, but also cleaned using a damp cloth for some seconds. The mass market is not represented by a white version, so those who want to stand out will be able to choose the second solution.


One of the strengths of this device – the display. Even diagonal screen, compared with Nokia 5800, now it is 3.5 inches. Display protective plastic covered surface, not recessed into the body much work as possible by hand or stylus, in this model, it is unusual. This model is considered suitable for the management of his hands, and the QWERTY-keyboard helps. Unfortunately, of all types of screen keyboard on the phone refused. No mini-keyboard for a familiar Nokia 5800 or the full QWERTY. The company said that if the Nokia N97 customers will often ask, add support for a keyboard, then they return, yet remains only a hardware keyboard.

The screen is different in its characteristics, the quality of the picture, diagonal, resolution. I recall that the diagonal – 3.5 inch, the aspect ratio – 16:9, resolution – 640h360 points (43h78 mm). The display shows up to 16 million colors, the picture juicy, bright, striking.

The screen automatically turns depending on the status of the shell. At the turn takes one second or even less. By default, turn the screen turned off. Calibration of the sensor at the moment is about the Nokia 5800, which means to use them on the go is not always possible or convenient. You do not want your screen jump back to here?

On the sun the screen is readable, there is no problem. At the same time, direct sun rays, he could go blind, exactly the same in such circumstances comes with Apple iPhone. The screen holds up to 14 lines of text, 3 service lines. The display is ideal for viewing videos, photos, large lists.

We decided to compare the screen with the Nokia 5800 and the Nokia N85 (OLED-display, 16 million colors). Comparison of left very ambiguous, so at the expense of a large diagonal screen just beats the Nokia 5800, but obviously loses the Nokia N85, which is quite expected. In general, the display is one of the best in its class. On the horizon, only one of the products on Android is AMOLED-display that exceeds the model, it also loses the Samsung i8910 HD.

Comparison with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic:
Comparison with Nokia N85:
N97 and N85 Display

N97 and N85 Display


On the face of only one hardware button menu, it is responsible for switching between the normal menu and widgets, to view running applications. Press send call and hang up sensor. Despite my dislike of such keys in the unit they are working fairly well. In the Menu key hidden indicator light, it can be customized for specific events, then it will flicker. In practice, the almost imperceptible, that it is, that it is not. Pity, because this functionality is claimed that we have seen in Nokia E71.

But most interesting is the QWERTY-keyboard. In total there are 35 keys, plus a navigation key with OK button inscribed. The availability of navigation keys a huge plus for the device, for example, at the same Xperia X1 it is sometimes not strong enough. Big minus model that made the key space to the right, but by default, and want to click in the middle. Such was not familiar layout to get used quickly. For one, for two days.

Switch language set from one to another by pressing the arrow keys up and Chr. In localized versions of the button would cause a second series of symbols for the local language, as is done on internet tablets from Nokia, for example, the Nokia N810. Place on the button allows it.

Convenient or inconvenient to use a keyboard? Question for discussion, and it depends primarily on what you are accustomed to. For me, the keyboard at the same level with the HTC Touch Pro, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, as such there is no difference. Something more comfortable in one device, something else. But in general this is a level of comfort.

By the terrible shortage is attributed the need to enter characters by using the arrow up, even to the point and the comma, and the figures did not find the place. Comparing the device with Nokia E90, I can unequivocally assert that the heavens and the earth, such a speed with both hands, both on the Nokia E90 today is not on any phone. Through the optimal location of the keys typing is faster and the Nokia E71, but then quickly tired. In the Nokia N97 is easier to type long texts, though written treatises and this model does not become.





Copy the text as possible with the help of the screen and the keyboard. Set of courses in the desired position, press the button with the image of the navigation arrows and enter key the cursor on the text.
Backlight keys orange, not very bright, but all the characters are distinctively. In a white version of the shell as a white backligh


Backlight keys orange, not very bright, but all the characters are distinctively. VAkkumulyator

You used the lithium-polymer battery BP-4L, it has a capacity of 1500 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the phone is able to develop up to 6 hours of talk time (GSM), up to 20 days in standby mode. Music playback time – up to 37 hours. white versions of the shell as a white backlight.



Hours of Staff, on average, is about 1.5-2 days in a Moscow cellular networks. In doing so, you can talk to one and a half hours to do a couple dozen shots, before a half-hour listening to the radio or music. Use widgets and other applications. Time of full battery charge – about 2.5 hours.

If we exclude the data transfer via EDGE / GPRS, while the phone will become larger. It is really that the device worked about 4 days with a stable, moderate load.

Here are the maximum working time in different modes:

* GPS-navigation – 5 hours
* View video – 4 hours 15 minutes
* WEB-surfing (EDGE-connection) – 4.5 hours
* Listening to music in your headphones – 32 hours
* WiFi – made to work 166 hours in standby mode, with continuous data transmission – 6 hours

Unlike the Nokia E71 screen in the apparatus consumes more energy. The more you use your phone, the faster it is discharged. For those who are actively using mail, watching videos, listening to music, walks on the network page, but also install the widgets in the standby mode, make sure the work one day (not night and day it is). On average, you can count on two days of work, but can cause a sevshego to dinner battery. Models showed me one of the most gluttonous in terms of energy. On the other hand the denial of the widget with data transmission dramatically increases the time (at least by 20-25 per cent).


In the apparatus 128 MB of RAM, while the user is available to download approximately 70 MB of free memory. That’s enough to run a dozen applications, as well as view the «heavy» web-pages, the staff is not aware of problems with it.

The user is available 32 GB of memory in the unit, it can be used to store any data.

Memory Cards microSD, supported by their «hot» replacement, complete the card no. The maximum amount of memory card is not limited to, my card for 32 GB was recognized apparatus.


The model is built on the same hardware platform as the Nokia 5800, the company attempts to create it in another decision, faced with tightening deadlines. Got an interim solution, with a new musical chip, the other old odnochipovoe action as in the Nokia 5800. The speed of the vehicle at this time is comparable to that for the Nokia 5800 or a bit slower in some applications. For the widget, and they spent optimizing literally fly across the screen, but only. In all other sections of the device, this speed does not see.

USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

USB. In the USB-configured, you can choose one of 4 modes of operation:

* Data Transfer (Mass Storage USB) – seen as the phone memory or memory card, does not require any drivers, the OS itself will recognize the phone.
* PC Suite – to work with Nokia PC Suite, access to all functions of the device, back up all the information and so on.
* Image Transfer – Transfer photos.
* Media Transfer – the transfer of multimedia files (MTP).

Data transfer rate is about 5 MB / c. When you connect USB-cable comes charging the phone.

Bluetooth. Version of Bluetooth smartphone – 2.0 with support for EDR. The device supports the following profiles:

* Dial Up Networking Profile (Gateway)
* Object Push Profile (Server and Client)
* File Transfer Profile (Server)
* Hands Free Profile (Audio Gateway)
* Headset Profile (Audio Gateway)
* Basic Imaging Profile (Image Push Responder and Initiator)
* Remote SIM Access Profile (Server)
* Device Identification Profile
* Phone Book Access Profile (Server)
* Stereo Audio Streaming:
* Generic Audio / Video Distribution Profile
* Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (A / V Remote Control Target)
* Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Audio Source)

The speed of data transfer via Bluetooth is an average of 100 Kb / s. We have examined the work of transferring to a stereo headset, a Sony Ericsson DS970, management tracks, rewind, jump works without problems, at the same time, the name of this song on the screen is not displayed.

Wi-Fi. In the apparatus supports Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g). All security standards (WEP, WPA, WPA2), your maximum. There is a master of Wi-Fi-networks, it can be in the background to carry out their search and, if necessary, connect to such networks.


The phone uses a 5-megapixel CMOS-module, comparable to that of Nokia N85, is it an exact copy. Flash LED, dvuhsektsionnaya, it works well at a distance of one to two meters (manufacturer states up to 3 meters). Unlike the Nokia N85 flash is located on the vertical side of the camera. The advantage of this type of outbreak seen in many situations where you do not shoot people, and the environment. Open for discussion the question remains, what version of flash is better. Perhaps a partial answer is contained in the model of Sony Ericsson K850i, which is used as xenon, as well as the usual LED flash.

The quality of images has become the reference, second only to Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5. While many enjoy just such images. Differences in quality with the same Nokia N82, you just do not notice for most situations. In the current version of software does not work Autofocus, often out of focus images are obtained. In subsequent versions promise to rectify this shortcoming. And the sameness of modules to Nokia N85 gives hope to do so.

Characteristics of the lens in the Nokia N97 include:

* Optics of Carl Zeiss, Tessar lens
* 20x digital zoom
* Focus – 5.45 mm
* Focal length – from 10 centimeters to infinity
* Macro mode – from 10 centimeters to 50 centimeters
* Scenes – automatic, user defined, close-up, portrait, landscape, sport, night
* Geometka-possibility to disable

The maximum resolution is Print 5M – large, it 2592h1944 point. The amount of shots on average, from 700 KB to 2 MB. The user is also available and other permits:

* Print 3M – Medium (2048×1536 pixels)
* Print 2, M-Medium (1600×1200 pixels)
* E-mail 0.8 M – Med. (1024×768 pixels)
* MMS 0.3 M – Small (640×480 pixels)

Time preserving the image in any of the permits of approximately the same, it’s about 3-4 seconds, if you are exposed to view the image after shooting. Either 1-2 seconds, if you’re ready to withdraw at once more (in the second case, the images are recorded from the buffer, immediately realized the benefit of the serial shooting mode).

Different color modes. Given that such effects can be applied to any image in the usual graphic editor and at the unit after the shooting, did not use their faces. There are 4 effect – Sepia, Black & White, Vivid, Negative

Adjustment of exposure. Step adjustments – 0.33, the function is useful when photographing objects with a predominance of light or black.

White balance. In automatic mode, the camera works fine, but there is an opportunity to put Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent.

Record video. When recording a video of the settings is much less than in the pictures. There is a software image stabilizer. White Balance – Automatic, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent. In effect, you can use the Sepia, Black & White, Negative. Shooting modes – automatic and only the night. The maximum resolution – 640×480 pixels, with the format – mpeg4, may disable the sound (adjust the encoding quality is not always 30 frames per second). Total recording time is limited only by free space. At maximum resolution digital zoom x4, while QCIF – already х8 (here the recording format 3GP). The sound goes into the stereo.
Musical ability

Almost a full copy of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, but uses a different chip for processing music. Due to its increased working hours, up to 35-36 hours of music listening. Today, it is an absolute record in the market. The quality of play is better than the Nokia 5800, although from memory the difference is imperceptible. It should take two machine and listen to them at the same time, it turns out that the Nokia N97 sound more lively, rich, voice sound louder and more natural. I have not had the opportunity to compare the device with a Nokia N91, which has become the standard for sound quality, but hear him with a variety of models from the current ruler, I can say about the best quality playback. Even in comparison with the musical patterns. The second model, which uses similar hardware solution would be Nokia 5900, but it appears only at the end of the year.

The list of supported formats: AAC, AAC +, eAAC, eAAC +, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, Mobile XMF, SP-MIDI, AMR (NB-AMR), MIDI Tones (poly 64), RealAudio 7,8,10, True tones (WB-AMR), WAV. For the mp3-files to support different bit rates, including VBR. When you synchronize with Windows Media Player 11 and later versions can use DRM-protected files (Janus DRM).

Name of song and the author appear on the screen, and controls. Fast progressive, including poluznkom on the screen, you can jump to the desired location compositions.



In the apparatus is a function of random play, and repeat all tracks or selected. In standby mode, the screen displays information about the playing file.

In the musical menu is a list of songs to sort all the songs, play-list (there are automatic – recently added, will not play, etc.), artist, album, genre and composers. Music Library (read list of files) are automatically updated when you synchronize with your PC using Nokia PC Suite, if the same insert card with the recorded tracks, then this is not happening. Interesting option is the common view of information about music library.

Podcasting – podcasts are an integral part of the music player, it was previously a separate application. You can access the podcast from the player and can download the application separately, in the second case have access to a library catalog of podcasts from Nokia, their identification, configuration synchronization, and so on. You can automatically download podcasts to which you subscribe, is taken into account, how to download podcasts (in home network or through a particular point of access). There are filters to access the podcast in the whole application is convenient and very useful.

Music Store – access to Nokia Music Store, can buy songs, albums, download them to your device.

FM-radio – an ordinary radio, the first time you open choose the region, according to this will apply an FM-band. There is support for RDS, automatic tuning to the station while playing the frequency of the station as animated screen saver is displayed on the screen. Very nice. Something special on the radio say it is impossible.

To the positive model is to attribute the existence of Internet radio is very good adding to the musical capabilities of your phone. And the FM-transmitter that can broadcast music to any FM-band, had not made any impression. Adding a curious, perhaps, it is choice, but need it as such, no. Unfortunately, a great idea buried technical implementation, and it has not been hamstrung in this unit, but generally in such devices. Low-power transmitter can not provide quality signal, there are obstacles, and even listen to audiobooks, is rejection. Today, unfortunately, it happens that way (talking about the car and use the device there).

Software features of Nokia N97 – the widgets and other

Frankly admit that almost nothing in the area of services that promised to prepare for the Nokia N97, has not been done. In particular, the Maps in the office of version 2.0, the third version delayed until mid-summer, and even before September. With this version of the beta stage, it will be available for download directly from the device, from the center of the update.

The chips are actively demonstrate to the Nokia N97 are the widgets. There is nothing supernatural, just a continuation of the idea of Active Standby, and the repetition of the widgets from Samsung, LG. In fact, the screen is the area in which there may be shortcuts, links to programs and functions, a weather information, text messages, e-mail, RSS and so on. The number of widgets will change constantly, you can download new ones. Refers to the positive existence of a very flexible configuration. Great as a diagonal, and the resolution of the screen allows you to display more information, hence the usability of widgets. In N97 there is no mode Active Standby, which also leads to reflection, unfortunately, lost the flexibility of settings. Many users will be pleased to have refused to widgets, but chose the usual kind of menu, which is often much more convenient. From the widget, you can construct something similar, but only.
Technology WebRunTime (WRT), there is a long time, and Nokia revealed the first widget in six months after the Nokia N95. Was planned that they appear much earlier, but received a dolgostroy. All promotional materials, promotional rollers, the company’s emphasis on widgets, though this is a controversial benefit for the model. A couple of years ago, when the widgets were missing from competitors, it was interesting that today the market and buyers are well aware of the advertising Samsung, LG.

Funny that the widget for Nokia N97 is extremely small, even for the commercial launch of the dial with a dozen stably employed only a few widgets. For example, local widgets of Russian companies, called the working interest and is not rotated language. In their work periodically arise «script error» and telephone requests to restart it. The reason is that the widgets developed, literally, at the knees, SDK for the Nokia N97 became available very recently, one month before the vehicle on the market. Search is not their fault. But it was understood that in the near future something interesting for the local market in terms of widgets will not be done. This piece of equipment, which remain a marketing chip. For example, the number of phones from Samsung working widget exceeds two dozen, the Russian one by a dozen. Maybe they do not differ at times a colorful, but they at least are working and do not crumble phones.

Widgets will be applied on Smartphones Nseries, Eseries, while the «normal» S60-products, for example, Nokia 5800 will be denied them.

The main screen is divided into five rectangles, each can be placed like a widget, you can swap. Unfortunately, you give the left one screen. In this horizontal scrolling shows you watch, and a blank screen, which shows wallpaper. Why not give the opportunity to place the widgets and then, for me the secret. Or make a three-screen as on all modern phones from Samsung, LG. I think that, and Nokia has gradually come to a decision.

Enumerate the available widgets, and briefly describe them:

* Contacts – four icons for contacts, a quick set of numbers, with two such panels are available;
* Calendar – a list of the current date, fits up to three entries;
* Music player – player management;
* FM-transmiter – control transmitter;
* Labels – Two panels, each can be set up to four labels on the various functions;
* Share Online – download files in projects such as OVI, FLIKR and so on. Unfortunately, the load is supported by no more than 6 files at once;
* AccuWeather – Weather forecast, very colorful program, as the widget is not displayed correctly, run over schedule;
* Amazon-latest news on products at Amazon, is updated in real time;
* AP News – news, you can log in and view the program as news, and photographs;
* Bloomberg – information about the quotations, the securities markets. In the final version of the widget may not be;
* Facebook – the best widget available. You can work with Facebook is more convenient than on a desktop PC, to respond to the message, write, watch a tape of friends. Literally, in love with this widget, it is best that is in the Nokia N97. For users of Facebook model looks surprisingly interesting.
* Livejournal – allows you to add new entries, and only works unstable;
* – The mailbox, is weak;
* Vkontakte – writing messages, reading their works seem to be stable, but not beautiful widget functionality is so-so.
* RSS – Broadcast RSS-feed;


The quality of the unit had no problems, everything is good. Call volume is high, it can hear in different contexts, but should pick up the melody gently, some played on speakers not very loud, it all depends on your choice. Vibrocall weak, he felt badly, obviously affects a massive shell.

The device supports the disabling of sound simply by turning down his shield, for example, you call someone, because flip phone, and he was mute. Same for the alarm clock and so on.

As someone aptly said, the staff left me indifferent, did not cause any enthusiasm, as the other models, for example, Nokia 5800. It’s true, I did not raise ekaniya heart, or it stops sinking. Obtain reliable machine that works, but I do not have enough in some detail, for example, a normal Active Standby instead of widgets, screen QWERTY-keyboard for a new service that I can be happy and wait. A good model, without any stars from the sky, the apparatus facing its money. In mid-June, he will be in Russia at a cost of about 26,000 rubles, which will offer a record low for such a device at the start of sales (in Europe the price will be about 550 Euro). For comparison, the cost of Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, does not have such a number of internal memory, and a weaker function of the box, the cost in half-year sales is not yet equal to 26000 rubles. A novelty here, and from market leader. Another device, which is somewhat loosely can be considered a competitor, this HTC Touch Pro2, its price in Russia will do irrepressible, about 31-32 rubles (in the gray supplying approximately 27-28 thousand). Condition the price in terms of Nokia seems able to market and offered the most affordable device in its class. Record Samsung i8910 HD to competitors before the unit will not, can not compare the keyboard device, and only sensory.

Prior to release Android-like devices from Nokia N97 to be at least 6 months for the market is a huge time. In fact, Nokia set the standard price for such functionality, form factor and it looks attractive. Involuntarily every time I face an uphill task for myself, I need this unit as a basic phone or not. In terms of normal activity, it clearly plays the same Nokia E71 (time, speed dialing for two languages), but for use with Facebook, which I like more and more Nokia N97 is a perfect choice. Wonderful cause, but the feeling that the Nokia N97 can be safely called the Facebook-phone integration with the service have not yet been any one unit. Moreover, such integration is not with their own services from Nokia. As a plus be attributed, and a decent camera, the Eseries is traditionally weak spot. Tough choice, and that will be chosen by me, even for me remains a mystery, and mystery.

P.S. By Monday we’ll add a bit more photos with built-in camera, the little things will add descriptions of individual utilities, but the main review in front of you. There will be another story in the genre of the experiment, if you want as long as I will not reveal its features. Wait for next week. You can ask questions in the forum, staff we have, so that we can respond extremely quickly and accurately

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