Wonders of OVI Store Client ! Downloading and installing applications made simple ! Mini Review

Nokia Launched it’s OVI Application store last month (May/09). It has plenty of Application for your Nokia mobile Phones. You have a wide range of applications for free and payment. Prices starts from 1 EURO . This mini review gives you few insight about the OVI client ,that runs in mobile.

OVI Store on Mobile Browser

Using OVI store in the mobile is interesting.It gives you very easy application download and installation feature . Just go to Http:// using your mobile phone then you will get the OVI (Application) Store ,here you can browse applications by categories ,by free or paid types etc. How ever this is the version running in your Mobile browser it has less functionality comparing to the OVI Store Client.


OVI Store Mobile Web

OVI Client Software

I recommend you to download and install the OVI Client(if your phone did not come with it) ,just in this very same OVI Store page go down and you will see the link tells you about OVIL Client. Click and download it.

Before you start the application ,you should get an free OVI user account. Use the same user name and password to log in to your client now.( You are aware that this OVI program requires a internet connection and will consume lot of data transfers )

Now you can start the OVI from your applications folder. This is the startup screen of OVI Client


OVI Client Home Scr

Enter your User Name and Password .


Here you see the applications by category titles like Recommended,Applications,Games


OVI Store: Browse

From the menu you can choose the following options

OVI Client Menu

Choose your criteria for applications

When you choose one application this details view appears ,where you can write review ,see the details of the program, report a bug . All working seamlessly very faster. I tried with my WI-Fi connection.

Scr000185 Scr000186

All process in the same screen ,installation made easy .

Here you click download ,in the same window you see the download progress bar and installation bar ,once installation finished it also mentioned in the same screen where you can click “Launch” to run the installed application.


More sophisticated installation

I download the ring tone ,once it finished the option came out in the screen”Set as Ring tone” I just click on it has been set as my ring tone. So the processes  are integrated and lesser time consuming.


(in a typical installation ,you have to download the tone ,then go to tools>>settings>tones>and set the ring tone )

Quality of the applications

Most of the applications available for free in the OVI Store are already very familiar old applications. Even though the paid ones  are  not much innovative and new. A Person dealt with Apples Store cannot compare OVI store for quality application .But it is a good start. Hopefully the applications will fill the store sooner.

OVI store was a Nokia’s major long awaited project. Finally it is  live now. On the initial stage it was giving lot of internal server error and other problem ,later they fixed them all.No it is 90% up. (Still I encountered internal server error 500 today)

By S.Manimaraa

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