Nokia N97 available for pre-order, costs only 524 US dollars

Spotted! N97

N97 on hands


Yeah, you heard that right. The pre-order campaign started by Nokia USA offers the customers the upcoming N97 top-device at a far lower price than the announced one. Expected to cost about 700 US dollars, the N97 can currently be pre-ordered for only 524 bucks.

Paying a visit to the Nokia USA web place and preordering a Nokia N97 (black or white) guarantees you a very pleasant surprise.

Nokia N97 Nokia N97
Nokia N97 pre-order in USA

To begin with, in the shopping cart you’ll find a free Bluetooth headset Nokia BH-703 which alone costs about 85 US dollars.

The next surprise comes with the total price. Upon adding a Nokia N97 to your shopping cart, you automatically receive a 175 US dollars discount from the previously pointed 699 dollars.

Nokia N97

Finally if you type the promotional code CARTP409N the price drops to the exciting 454 US dollars which compared to the old 700 dollars is nothing but the deal of the season.

Nokia N97

Update: It seems that Nokia have taken notice and have fixed the promotion so that the bonus codes do not accumulate. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but hey, 524 US dollars still sounds nice, right?

So if you live in the USA and dream of the Nokia N97 it might just be the right moment to pre-order it. There is no such evidence for the moment, but it might be safer to act before someone at Nokia changes their mind and withdraws the promotion.


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