Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition Released

Nokia N96 started to use new marketing strategy in china market. Nokia N96 was expected to sell all around the world than the numbers of Nokia N95 8GB. But the buying rate of Noika N96 is not sufficient as Nokia Corporation expected.

They now believe to have a great number of sales in the Asian markets using different strategies. The reason in the delay of Nokia Tube is the lack of sales of Nokia N96. Once they have moved enough number of Nokia N96 they will open the market for Nokia Xpress 5800.

Nokia announced and released a special edition in Nokia N96 with small changes in the back cover (only the image¬† 0f Bruce lee )and give a free doll / attached strip with bruce lee’s photo.¬† Any how now the china market is very competitive to nokia as they produce clones of nokia and other major brands and they are functioning well.

This product priced for Chinese market as about $1,286

Visit forum to see the big image

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