New Concept "Share your emotion with colour light messaging !" by Nokia

Nokia Emotion Messaging

Nokia Emotion Messaging

A simple and yet very innovative messaging idea has been filed for patten rights(Copy Rights)by Nokia. Few technology blogs reported.

You can simply send a text message with certain letters that will make a colour led to turn on in your friend’s phone. So that simply by colour lights you can tell your emotions/feelings to your friend. For example ,if you are angry you will send “AG” the code sms to your friends phone then the phone will light up red colour some where in its body(Where the light(s) fixed). you can send colour messages during the calls also. So that, this will be a new mode of  Service for emotion messaging .
Light messaging is to show your mood to some one within a light. As the hardware requirments are not very complecated for such technology ,    we can expect this type of service soon in Nokia Phones. The messageing made easy !

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