New Apple "3 G S" ! Comes with 3 Mega Pix Camera ,Extra Battery Life & Lots of Fun

Apple 3 G S(similar look of 3G)

Apple 3 G S(similar look of 3G)

Apple announced it’s new Iphone, Apple Iphone 3 G S at it’s World Wide Developers Conference . “S” stands for speed.This is almost a leap after Apple Iphone 3 G. The Special hardware improvement here is the 3 Mega Pixel Camera . You can take videos  also with this iphone.

The new iPhone offers voice dialing.   It also offers voice control of iPod functions (“Play songs by Billy Joel”). Either way, you just hold down the Home button to make the iPhone listen.

Also new: an onscreen digital compass, a read-aloud-what-you-touch feature for blind people, and remote wipe (if you lose your iPhone, you can erase it by remote control for security purposes).

The big big news for a lot of long-suffering iPhone fans, though, is the improved battery life. Apple claims about a 20 to 30 percent battery-life boost, depending on the activity. (It’s now 12 hours of talk time, 30 hours of music playback, 9 hours of Internet surfing, and so on.)

The iPhone 3G S will be available June 19, in 16- and 32-gigabyte versions. (That is a LOT of storage. Video fans, rejoice!) Intriguingly, the older, 8-gig iPhone 3G will remain available—for $100.

Features :

very important things in this update : More speed, more storage, more battery and a better camera that can do video. It’s a no-brainer to upgrade to it, just as many did from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G last year, right? Wrong.

Pricing :

While current iPhone owners last year got to upgrade to the iPhone 3G for the fully subsidized $199 and $299 prices, the same will not be true this year. Instead, current iPhone 3G owners only 1 year into their 2 year contracts, will have to pay $399 and $499 to upgrade. The reason for this is simple: AT&T subsidizes the phone down to $199 based on a 2-year payment agreement with the customer. If you only paid one year of that contract, AT&T would have to eat those costs. So instead it’s putting that cost back into this new phone. It didn’t do that last year, because the original iPhone wasn’t subsidized. It makes sense, but here’s why that’s a bad idea.


Article  Source : Nytimes

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