It's official – iTunes support coming on the Palm Pre – in the news

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Now hardly anyone will be totally shocked about that but when it gets official, it can still make it in the news. The hotly anticipated Palm Pre smart phone will sport iTunes support, once it appears on the market. This provides a simple and easy way (if you are using a Mac or you’re just dependent on your iPhone/iPod infatuation) to transfer DRM-free music, photos and videos to your Palm Pre.

According to the company iTunes will have no trouble recognizing the Palm Pre, once you connect it to a computer through USB and choose the "media sync" option on the handset. From then on you can choose which media files to interchange as long as they are DRM-free.

The other good news is that the Palm Pre will also be able to act as a mass storage drive providing the easiest available way for loading content. Once connected to a computer using the USB cable, Pre will appear as a drive on the computer desktop. You can drag and drop music, photos or video files onto your Pre, or drag files from your Pre to the computer.

via It’s official – iTunes support coming on the Palm Pre – news.

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