iPhone 4G or iPhone 4 ? Verizon Offers you what ?

iphone 4 from vrizon wireless

Verizon Wireless announced to offer Iphone 4  at the CES 2011 recently .

iPhone-4 for Verizon Wireless will be available on  Feb. 10. 2011. iPhone 4 16GB will be available for a price tag of $ 200 and a 32 GB version will be available for $ 300 ,but folks you have to sign for a two years contract with Verizon Wireless.

Let us come to the point,iPhone 4 is not a 4G device it is a 3G phone , the number 4-just a version number . Nation’s biggest 4G network provider-Verizon Wireless offering a 3G Flagship phone ,seems to be a backward move .

What do you feel ? will you buy an iPhone 4 (3G ) and tie up your self for a 2 year contract  with Verizon or wait for a good 4G device(may be a 4G iPhone 5 ?) to utilize the 4G LTE network ? .

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