40 Percentage of Mobile users have internet access :Nokia Says


For the web site owners and  bloggers ,now is the time to ad mobile friendly version of their web pages. Forum Nokia announced to start developing mobile webs and mobile web supporting services as there is an emerging need.If you miss to develop mobile supporting web site then you are missing 20% of the visitors who come using mobiles .Nokia states that the all Nokia S 60 devices are fully powered to browse internet like desktops.

Nokia’s Statement

There are about 4 billion mobile phones in use in the world today.


They’re the world’s most popular technology, outnumbering televisions 3-to-1 and PCs by more than 4-to-1. With 40 per cent of all internet users having mobile internet access,[1] these small screens are rapidly becoming the main way people access the internet globally.

And the growth is significant, with the number of mobile internet users doubling between 2006 and 2008.[1] By 2012, half of all devices accessing the internet will be mobile devices.[1] It’s also a global phenomenon: There are about 117 million Chinese mobile-web users, an increase of 113 per cent during 2008 alone.[2] And it’s outstripping desktop browsing growth: In the U.K., mobile internet growth between Q2 and Q3 was 25 per cent, compared with 3 per cent growth in use from PCs.[3] is mobile friendly blog. just like you visit in your desktop , automatically it adjusts to mobile friendly version

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