Top 5 Lessons I learned after losing my Nokia N95 8GB

Loosing my angel

Loosing my angel

How much I loved my Nokia N95 8GB  . I cannot bring it in words. It is a real companion for me for last 1  year. It took part in my every day life and every important moment. It helped me a lot to built this blog and develop my forums. I  used OVI,Flickr,Beta Labs all via my Nokia N95 8Gb. The camera is the best part of it. I took a thousands of professional quality photos from it. The DVD like videos are amazing and I wrote about it few day back also(N97 and N95 8GB Video comparison) .I worked for Nokia As a beta tester for PC Suite 7 ,using this phone and reported some connectivity bugs ,and later Nokia fixed it. My valuable 1 year collection of data ,bank details,passwords,1000+contact details gone.

I lost my Nokia N95 8GB during the working hours yesterday (10 AM,09/06/2009) ,just because of my 20 mins careless. I went to wash room,kept the phone on the wall like place ,turn back to office ,forgot to bring my darling together. Just realized within next 20 mins and went to grab it.

But is no more there.

I don’t want to blame any one other than blaming my self.

I wrote about 100+ articles and reviews  about Symbian S60 V3 software by using this mobile. I almost pre order this one when it was not available in Malaysia . I paid extra money and got via the dealer from Singapore .It coasted me about  700 USD  (March 2008).My plan was not to go for any new mobiles recently . But the lose committed my to buy Nokia XPM 5800  immediately ,it will help me to write more on Symbian S60 V5 Touch platform.

Top 5 Lessons I learned  from this.

  1. Backup ,backup and backup all your data every day:
    Yes, I was regular in doing backups via Nokia PC suite,but for last  2months ,I was careless.(I cannot say ,I am busy, this and that.I should find time)It coasted me a lot. My friend who   fled  to Australia gave me two important contact numbers day before yesterday,which i lost  with the phone. My recent business contacts about 100,not in my backup. Important images and videos I took last few weeks for my posts ,lost now. Make sure you backup all your data 1) in your PC(OVI Suite is recommended )  2) with an online service like Google contacts etc.
  2. Activate and use SIM Lock ,Phone LOCK security features:
    Why do you want the thief ,use your phone simply ,let the person struggle to do it. And if your sim has the security code protection (PUK ) then it cannot be used with other phones for any bad purposes.
  3. Try to hang in your neck or use a good pouch attached to your belt.
    I feel lazy to hang ,and uncomfortable to use pouch . But if you want to save your valuable ,no choice you have to face it.Finding a good accessory to hang is difficult ,but try hard.
  4. Delete your personal  media ,use Programs like Media Safe (find in our forums for free download)
    don’t keep your personal information like ,your love ones photos,videos,bank account details with user name and password ,if you want to keep keep in a clever way(my phone has bank details very clearly…)
  5. Don’t take your phone to wash room (!!)
    Yes ,don’t take your phone with you to the wash room,if calls come in also cannot answer.My phone fall down few times earlier,but survived without any problem . Carrying  phone  is a passion to me ,cannot leave it ,but I learned the hard lesson .

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