How to Install and add Geo Tagging Service to your GPS enabled Nokia Mobile Phone ?

Geo tagging is an interesting  feature that adds your geographical location information to the photos you take in your mobile phone. If you are on a trip ,just shoot the photos.Automatically the location information will be added to the photos by the Nokia Location Tagger Software ,which will be running in the background. Few mobile devices like Nokia N96 ,N97 comes with Nokia Geo tagging for photos . But some earlier devices like Nokia N95,N95 8GB doesn’t has the geo tagging facility.

Photo Location Shown in MAP

Photo Location Shown in MAP

If your phone dosent has the Location Tagger ,just install it . As long as your phone has GPS and Symbian 3rd/5th Edition OS you can install this location Tagger and enjoy the location tagged photographs. This guide written based on test did on my Nokia N95 8GB .

After taking such photos if you upload to your OVI share ,you will see the location on the map automatically. Simply you can view the images on the Nokia Maps  of your phone also.  If you use OVI suite in your PC then it is simple ,it will show the images on the map very clearly.There are so many third party software integrated to Maps will show your photos location . Follow the given steps to setup  Geo Tagging in your phone.

1) Install the Nokia Location Tagger in your mobile.(Click Here to Download Directly from Nokia Beta Labs)

Click Here to Download Directly from Nokia Beta Labs

2) Start the Location Tagger. Now it takes few minutes to get the GPS Lock (connection to the Satellite)

(open the key pad ,if you are using Nokia N95s ,to uncover the GPS antenna,until you get the locked information like this )

3) Go to Settings window ,if you want to set auto start of this service ,or to do any optional settings. (The default settings are enough)

4) Now simply start your camera application (minimize Location tagger ,but keep running )

5) You will notice the Location tagger Icon ,integrated in your camera application screen (if it is green that means you have GPS satellite coverage )

6) Now you shoot photos  as normal.Automatically the location tags will be added to your image now.

7)To test the function ,just come back to Location Tagger and go here (see the ilustration bellow)

8) Go to <options> – < Show on Map>

9) Here you see the location of the image you took .

10)If you like to see this tagged photo on google maps  follow this link to go to my OVI share .

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