How to send mails with your official/other e mail IDs using hotmail

You may want to send an official quote when you are out of office, you have hotmail account ,but you want the letter should be sent using your official email ID. If you dont know the solution , this is the right guide for you.

Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail Inbox

You can configure multiple “from email IDs” in hotmail ,and can choose one when you want to send and email. The receptionist of the mail will see the from address as your preferred choice of the email ID. It helps you to maintain your professional touch .

Log in to your hotmail account ,then Go to options >> Under Manage your Account ,choose “send and receive mail from other e-mail account”>>Under”you can send mail from these accounts” area choose “add another account to send mail from

now hotamil wants to verify the email id ,enter the email id and hotmail will send a confirmation linkĀ  to that email id(your official or other pop mail).

log in to that account and click the verification email link ,done.

Now your email id has been added to your hotmail account.

Next time when you want to send email from that ID ,just choose the id from the “from” area as shown in the image bellow.

Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail Inbox

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