How to see mobile browser or test mobile web sites in your computer ?

You may want to check your favorite web site’s mobile versionoperamini_view1 or want to see a web site how  looks like in mobile browser ?. But you don’t want to do it from your mobile phone for data usage charges and some obvious reasons. Here is the way to see and browse mobile versions of the web sites in your computer.

There were few mobile web simulators ,software that you have to install and see.But I don’t recommend any at the time as all are still not updated by the developers (including Nokia Web Sim 4.0)

Opera Mini web site offers functions to view mobile web sites in their Opera Mini Mobile Browser.They offer 2 options to do it.

Option 1 ) Opera Mini Web Simulator. Just go to Opera mini demo site and you will see the mobile web browser there ,click Menu from the phone ,click “enter address” then type the url of the web site ,click Ok button of the virtual phone there . Within seconds you will the web in mobile.

Option 2)Java Bookmarklet . This is a small java script tool. Just drag and drop this piece of text from the web site to your Web Browsers Book Marks Tool Bar . Next time if you want to see the current web page in mobile ,just click the Bookmarklet ,it will automatically put the address in simulator and show you the web version.

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