How to create a short URL (web address) from a long One for twitter etc..


There is a need to shorten the web site address to share it online conveniently via some services today.

URL(Uniform Resource Locater) is the address of a web site.The length of the url of a page may be differ.  If you want to share the a lengthy web address  like : with your friend via email you may copy and paste it directly .

But if you want to share it in twitter ,it will not allow more than 140 characters so you have to make it short without loosing the correct internet path.

There are lot of free services available to do this job for you. The most popular one is

1) Just go



Enter (paste) the long url you want to make shorter and click Make tiny url button. done !


Copy the first short url (second one will redirect to tinyurl site then takes to the target side.)and use in twitter or in your mails,face book,Friendster or in chat services . this will work fine .

See this 87 Characters URL

Became in 25 characters :

Yes now you can copy and paste this 25 letter url to your twitter still you have 115 characters to write about it there (140 total in twitter)


You can try another service to make short urls : 


you can just put the booklet of this sites in the book mark tool bar of the browser ,within simple click you can create the short url of the page you are viewing.(click hear to see the tools page of )


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By S.Manimaraa

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