Hostmonster hosting is expensive when you renew ! Some warnings and tips is one of the well known web hosting company today. People would love to join Hostmonster simply as  they see the start up cost  as low as  5.95 per month with unlimited services. Happy ,but when you try to renew the package you will be surprised like myself today ! 

The offer price is valid only for new customers. If you would have booked  for 3 years at the beginning,then you get 5.95  per month rate. But if you booked for a year and then try to renew you will get the minimum rate 8.95 per month.

The lesson I learned from them is ,we should study the offers very carefully always.

Some tips for co webmasters:

Before go for a hosting package we should get minimum 20-30 different opinions about the hosting company from the people.

One more  important thing you have to keep in mind ,that don’t register your domain name with the hosting company ,keep your domain names registered with some other registrars like and host somewhere else,so that you have the freedom to move from the hosting at anytime.

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