What is Blogging ?How to create your own blog ? A guide Part 1

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Creating a blog (Online Diary)is a very easier mater ,when you have minimum a year of Internet browsing  experience. There are some basics you should know before start. And you may have (I had) the few confusing questions about blogging.

1) Blog and web site what is the different ?

No  differences.The blog is a type of web site normally written/updated by individuals ,but now even corporate companies using blogs to publish their information easily. google owns it’s blog at

The term blog came from weblog ,just updating your interesting findings from other web sites ,other than writing your original contents ,but later it changes to an ordinary web concept .

2)Blog is created and maintained by ready made software(mostly it is free).Eg WordPress,Joomla. 3)You dont need to have any programing,web designing knowledge to create your blog 4)Normally blogs are talking about a person’/companies thoughts/products/ideas 5)You can write anything interested to a group of people in the blog ,you can maintain a niche for your writings

6)Your blogs name'(domain name),server,and the software all you can obtain for free eg , (you can use it for learning purpose ,once you graduated ,then you can run in a paid service

7)If you run your blog on a paid service your name will be unique( etc..)and you will have 100 control on it.

8)Blog helps you to make money online by advertisement on your side,referring products on your site etc..but you should bring your blog to a certain level,means more visitors .Google’s Adsense is one of the definite revenue creating programs you can integrate with your blog.

9)To start your free blog today you can go to or

10)Now blogging also became a profession ,transformed from hobby. If you know how to things ,you can make a living from blogging.

Read about  Amirt Agarval ,India’s first professional blogger ,who makes money for his living ,it helps you to get inspired about blogging.

—->Part 2 : (How to create your first free blog? step by step guide )

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