What I love from New Statcounter version !

Find you Google’s rank in the search results


If you have a web site or blog ,you should always worry about  search engine optimization ,Google page rank,Alexa Rank and related stuff.

One of the important things is the position/rank  of your web site/blog in search results of  leading search engines like Google to consider.

The famous ,the free web stat service rolled out to it’s new version recently ,came up with lot of useful enhancements and features to the users.The feature I love is the keyword activity page for your web site tracking .

google's rank of's search query

The recent Keyword Activity page now shows the queries and the rank of your web page in Google search for that particular search term.

For example : scores a rank #2 for the query “Xoom Tablet Update” in Google search.This feature will help your to determine the position of  your web site for your targeted key words.

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