How to make your blog more influential–A Success story !

I was amazed to see the New York Stock Exchange’s some stock information on the web last week for Nokia’s Shares. It is not about the up or down position of the  Nokia’s share ,but the supporting information given for a decision making .

One of my article written on was mentioned at very first line of the blog reactions for Nokia Corporation  at Google Finance.

NYSE NOK effect by  a blog

Some points I have learnt from this  incident and like to share with the  very new bloggers

  • Learn the techniques to  stand out from the crowed (not explained here ):

    Yes ,this E7 scoop news originally appeared in some other blogs few hours earlier of my post and I have given with my own passion and some good SEO mix,that made this article to stand out.

  • Blogs and Bloggers play a vital role online for decision making :

    If you write your every posts with some research ,and involvement your articles will be observed and you will have some voice on the net .That opened many opportunities for our online (Money Making ?) Success too

  • Even MNC s are keen in keeping touch with simple bloggers :

    ( As blog is more influential  medium over the time) Be clear in your views ,write what is the truth ,don’t bend much for the bugs the companies spent on you ,you have many ways to make more than that

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