How to make your blog mobile friendly ?:

 Scr000113Scr000114Our Vblog is now mobile friendly try once from your mobile phone .All the major sites now have their mobile versions also ,as there is a emerging need for mobile optimized sites. HTML pages are normally pretty ok with the modern mobile web browsers like opera mini,safari ,but the blog sites are not rendering properly in the mobile phones.after I tested my site several times on mobiles I found the need of going for a mobile friendly version.

I have to create another version of the blog and  update both ,but luckily I found the plug in for my wordpress blog..

I would like to share the way i made it for the co bloggers .

WordPress supports a huge range of technologies and modifications via it’s plugins . if you are using wordpress blog software ,then you are lucky easily you can modify it to become mobile friendly .

Just go to this plugin page and download the mobilepress plugin .As usual copy to the plugin directory of your hosting and activate it from the dashboard of your blog. done.

next time when you go to the site using your mobile it will be amazing. you have few themes to select to your mobile version from this plugin settings page. see my mobile version here.Click here to go to the download page of mobilepress




by S.Manimaraa

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