How to create your first free wordpress blog ?: Guide Part 2

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Hi ,This is my second part of the beginners guide for blogging. Last week I posted about blogging basics . This step by step guide tells you that “how to create your first free blog in wordpress?” but the steps to create the blogs in other free services also mostly same. I would suggest two free blogging platforms and services for easy startup

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Ok .let us see how to get your first free blog from now.


1)Just go to then click “sign up now” 

2)Enter your blog name as user name Eg  :myfashion . WordPress will give you the name like . So this is your blog address now.


3) Enter a password combined letters and numbers


4)Now is the  final step .Enter the tagline for your blog(Short description) and click Signup. (This steps may vary time to time ,up to’s sole discretion )

5)Now wordpress will send the email verification link to the email address you provided. Check your inbox and click the verification link. Now you will be directed to log in screen. Give the user name(your blog name without )and password. That’ all . Now you have done !.


6)Now you are in the dash board. the place you write your article ,set the themes, moderate the comments. Just click the post link (there is one ready made sample post)then edit the title and text .So your first post has been edited.Now click update post link. done published. When ever you want new post just click new post button from the dash board and write. Get your training with blogging at wordpress free hosting,later move to your own hosted blog.


Click the post link from above page then you get this page>>


Now move the mouse on the “hello world” post you see the edit link ,just click and start editing in the following screen>>


click update post…Done !


Here is the official wordpess guide to do other things with your new blog. This guide is very simple and no pre technical knowledge needed. Cheers !. Note : Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions here as comments ,I am happy to help you always. Related Previous Articles :

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