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Alexa blog offering a lot of SEO tips that will help you to boost your web traffic. I have gone through some articles today and found the latest SEO article titled “how to increase the traffic to your web site ?” written by Geoffrey Mack, got some value additions.

Normally the principle SEO got the idea of key word optimization,back links, social media ,good and fresh content ,Web directories, frequent update of the site,using site maps etc

But the Press Release idea given here looks like something good and value addition for the SEO.

Have Something Newsworthy. If you have something newsworthy, don’t just blog about it. First post it as a press release on your site, then update your sitemap, then post it to the newswires, then submit it to ezine articles, Article Base and/or Go Articles, then blog about it, twitter about it, etc. If you do it right you will have at least a couple of new links to your site, and if you do it really right you could have dozens of new links.

For freshers who want to know SEO(Search Engine Optimization) more ,just   follow the steps mentioned in this article ,it will give immediate boost to your number of visitors.

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