Twitter ,Face book,google Connect went down on Thursday ! Behind the scenes

Twitter Tragedy

Twitter Tragedy

“”I’ve had enough whisky and Cosmo’s pizza in Boulder,CO that I really don’t care that Twitter is down again”” – a Tweet at Tweeter.

I am too late to know that due to online attacks this all giants switched off their servers for few hours on Thursday (06/08/09) Tweeple (people using twitter) and Face book addicts did not know ,what to do next to run their next hours of the day.

Around 45 Million users of twitter could not get access all the day until they fix the problem very late evening (US time). The attack suspected to be originated from Russia or Georgia.

Mr. Woodcock,research director of the Packet Clearing House, a nonprofit technical organization that tracks Internet traffic, said said the disruptions did not appear to have been caused by a botnet, or network of thousands of malware-infected personal computers.

Rather, he said, at about 10:30 a.m. E.S.T., millions of people worldwide received spam e-mail messages containing links to Twitter and other sites. When recipients clicked on the links, those sites were overwhelmed with requests to access their servers. “It’s a vast increase in traffic that creates the denial of service -Source : Nytimes.

Face Book and Google Connect servers also experienced same down time on Thursday. Online attacks become very common and frequent nowadays to such big sites.The online living ,has it’s own threats like it”s own convenience .

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