Microsoft Office 2010 Features and Screen Shots

It seems that Microsoft is going through a tough market this time. Google’s Apps became a big threat to the Microsoft office  and gave the pressure to release a web based office and something free from micro soft.The latest attack is the Google’s announcement of it’s Chorme OS.

How ever the preview of Microsoft Office 2010  gives some hope . This Short article contains some Microsoft Office 2010 screen shots and features.


Highlights of Micro Soft Office 2010


  • Backstage view : When you click the Office button in an Office 2010 program, you no longer get a menu. Instead, you get above new composite dialog box, called Backstage view. Clicking Info displays these details about the current document.
  • Browser Based Office Functionality : Most certainly a direct challenge to Google Apps, Microsoft is rolling out lightweight, FREE, Web browser versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. All based in the cloud, the web-based versions of these products have less features than their desktop cousins but still let users that users basic tools to edit and change documents.

  • Microsoft Office Opens Documents in Protected Mode : The micro Soft Office 2010 opens documents directly in the protect mode. More safer your work now. you can change this option if you wish to edit mode later.
  • One box to print job : Setting up a print job in current Office apps involves multiple steps, with settings in one dialog box and previews in another. The Backstage view of printing consolidates all these functions in one pane.

  • Office 2010 Print Dialog Box

    Office 2010 Print Dialog Box

  • Power Point got Movie Editing Feature and more : PowerPoint gets a new features, many of them focused on media. If you want to add a video clip to a slide, for example, you can now trim the video clip in place instead of having to use a separate editing program. Image editing also now good like light version of photo shop ,inbuilt in Power Point 2010.(Click on the screen shots to see the full image Size)
  • powerpoint2010
  • Web Version of Excel more innovative : It  offers more in-depth functionality than Google Spreadsheets. Microsoft has added a particularly innovative feature called Sparklines, which gives a visual snapshot image of a data trend over time within a cell. You can also share Excel via the browser with other users and set special permissions on who can access the document.
  • Microsoft word 2010 Copy Paste Improvements: Other than the web interface and advanced notifications ,Micro Soft Word 2010 offers screen shot capture  and paste functions easily. To make moving around a long document easier, Word now has a navigation visual pane and section header breakdown which makes it easy to jump from different sections of a document.

Some More Microsoft  Office 2010 Screen Shots




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