Manta Rays : Cool Photos and Videos

Manta rays

Manta rays

This is not a scene from a latest Alien Movie . It is taken from the deep blue sea of Maldives .

Manta Rays are the non violent giants of sea. It feeds on plankton ,so that, it will not feed on you. It lives near by the Coral Reefs as plankton grows there.

When feeding, the Mantas use their oversized pectoral fins or “wings” to move through the water. The cephalic fins or “horns” direct the flow into its wide mouth and water passes through the gills with fine hair like projections filtering out tiny planktons and other microscopic food. Remaining motionless on the ocean floor is the best approach for divers to prolong “show time” with the Mantas.

Marilyn sez, “Pretty cool photos from July National Geographic. These manta rays in the Maldives have a 12-ft-wingspan, and the photographer Thomas Peschak was right in among them during feeding frenzies to get these shots.




See the National Geography’s  Gallery here
Watch a Nice Video at this site

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