Maemo OS : will it replace Symbian S60 in Nokia Phones ?

Maemo O/S

Maemo O/S

The screen shots here   Show you the interface of Maemo OS Nokia’s next  Operating System for Nokia Devices.

maemo key board

maemo key board

Nokia uses this OS in it’s tablets already and this is going to be the Nokia’s sole Os in late 2010 as per the news online . Maemo Harmattan is otherwise known as Maemo 6, with the latest publicly available release being Maemo 4.1. That leaves one whole big bad version of Maemo out of the picture.

Nokia refuses all such allegations ,says to stick  with Symbian OS and no ideas to change to any in the near future. .But it is true, the Symbian Series 60 OS became obsolete and  has very slow growth in the recent times .

In order to secure Nokia’s Market ,Nokia should do something with the OS too.

Update (21/08/2009): Folks, Nokia N900 is ready with Maemo Operating system ,for a detail news and screen shots go to our vblog now

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