Google is ready with it's New "Google Chrome OS " Rival for MS Windows ?

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS

Google announced  their Own New Operating System “Google Chrome ” today.In the second half of 2010, Google plans to launch the Google Chrome OS.The announcement created huge waves on the Internet. Goolge is known for it’s very innovative and  stable products. They used to keep their betas for very long time other than any company does.

Google entered to the OS market with it’s Android Mobile Operating system which made for mobile devices.Now the announcement sends shocking waves to Micro Soft ,the dominant OS makers.

Tech Crunch describes it as “Google  dropped the nuclear Bomb on Micro Soft “

Google says : Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010. Because we’re already talking to partners about the project, and we’ll soon be working with the open source community, we wanted to share our vision now so everyone understands what we are trying to achieve.

The new Google Chrome OS going to be fully web supported . It made for web.It will run the applications even without the web connectivity ,but uploads or downloads the data when you connect.

Technology Experts says that  HTML 5 is going to be a huge part of all of this.  This HTML 5 will going to handle the on-line and off-line mode coordination of the computers.

Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and  Google is working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market next year. The software architecture is simple — Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel.

However the Net Books started to go with Micro Soft Windows Vista ,and some with 8 Years Old Windows XP .The Google’s OS sooner going to replace the XP/Vista on net books within next one year period .This is a definite big challenge to Micro Soft.  Micro Soft is very busy on the release and promotion of Micro Soft Windows 7. Still working hard on the technical support area and bug detections.

And one more think, That Micro Soft will not bring  Windows to the Open Source Level. But Google Chrome OS will be a open source in the 3rd quarter of 2010. This is the great threat to Big Brother Micro Soft.

Google Says “We have a lot of work to do, and we’re definitely going to need a lot of help from the open source community to accomplish this vision.”

Lets wait for a fastest and less hardware hunger OS. That could be you “Google Chrome OS”

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