Bringing your PC for repairs, how much risky : Reveals Sky News Video


False information ,dis honest to customers ,wrong diagnosis found in PC trouble shooting industry ,UK.

Sky News did an interesting study to reveal this ,by taking a laptop for repair at London’s few famous PC repair shops .

The laptop was equipped with on-board camera to take video of the activities of the Technicians and event tracking software running from booting time to record their activities in the software ,such as opening documents ,browsing images and other personal information of the owner.

The problem , lap top had is (created issue)a loose memory chip. Over 90 percent shops falsely diagnosed as a problem of mother board and advised to replace it with higher amount ranging from 155 sterling pounds to 230 .

All activity on the screen was captured in still images, and the identity of whoever was using the computer was recorded using the laptop’s built-in camera.

Sky engineers then created a simple, easily diagnosable fault, by loosening the connection of the internal memory chip.

This prevented Windows being able to load. To get things working again, the chip would simply need to be pushed back into position.

The investigation targeted six different computer repair shops. All but one misdiagnosed or overcharged for the fault.

The most serious offender was Revival Computers in Hammersmith, West London.

Moral of this story : Yes dont keep the sensitive information in your computer when you take it for service. Try to keep the important passwords and documents on multiple on-line services always. It helps in case of failure of your computer hard disk also.

Watch this video for the names of the shops and details .

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