Yahoo on the trap of Bing !

Yahoo and Microsoft Key personals

Yahoo finally sold it’s search business to Microsoft recently.Now Microsoft owning 88% of the revenue from Yahoo Search. Yahoo said that it will be focusing on other area as search is being developed by Microsoft. This is a 10 year deal.

Search Engine is becoming a prominent business in the current century . Google is being first by owning more than the 60% percent of the search market while yahoo positioned at the second place and Bing is  third   in the market.

In order to manage Google’s competition Microsoft needs a stronger support from Yahoo.After launching the Bing search engine Microsoft managed to gain the 20% of the search market within 2 months of time. It seems to a be a great achievement for Microsoft.

In an interview with New York times , Ms. Bartz C.E.O of Yahoo, said she sold the search business because Yahoo could no longer continue to match the level of investment Google and Microsoft were making in searching, one of the Web’s most lucrative and technologically complex businesses.

Microsoft is going to fight with Google to get the first place in search business. Google also seems to face the challenge ,and give new pressures to Microsoft by jumping into the Operating System Market by releasing it’s own Chrome OS and by planning to make it open source and free.

Microsoft have taken plenty of technology businesses  in ,including Hotmail a product by an Indian programmer . Yahoo Search cannot be easily taken out from Microsoft  even after the term finishes .

One breathing space yahoo got ,by keeping a clause in the agreement” to come out any time if the revenue from joint operations is low”. But the interesting think is,the sustainable revenue amount is not mentioned in the agreement.

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