"Twitter Hack" moral of the story is "use more complex passwords"

Twitter Hack

Twitter Hack

Some times big Brothers like Twitter also makes mistake.But it  lets few millions of users suffer.The mistake now identified is the simplicity of the server password they use(Yes password was “password”). A hacker calling himself “Hacker Croll broke” succeeded in getting into Twitters Admin area using one employees email .

He had access for twitter’s Google Apps this lead him to obtain roughly 302 important and confidential documents of Twitter. The financial projections,Business Plans,Competitor Analysis all fall in his hand.

The hacker emailed this documents to the IT tech magazines Techcrunch ,USA and Korben,France. Techcrunch is now challenging Twitter with the documents ,negotiations are on the way with the Twitter’s Lawyers and Techcrunch.

TechCrunch Published this from Twitter’s Forecast Documents :
Far more interesting, though, is this internal Twitter financial forecast from February 2009. Twitter has told us that this was never an official document and it certainly is no longer accurate. But it gives an interesting glimpse into the company’s financial targets nonetheless. The projections go forward to 2013.

The most interesting data point – As of February, Twitter expected their first revenue to come in Q3 2009 (which is now). A modest $400,000 was expected, followed by a more robust $4 million in Q4. The document also shows Twitter’s projected user growth (25 million by the end of 2009), which it has absolutely blown through already. By the end of 2010, Twitter expected to be at a $140 million revenue run rate.

As of February the company had $45 million in the bank (they’d raised $55 million at that time). And they expected the cost of each Twitter user to the company to be just over $1/year.

The hacker also got access of the e-mail account of the wife of Evan Williams, Twitter’s chief executive, and from there accessed several of Mr. Williams’ personal Internet accounts, including those at Amazon and PayPal, Mr. Stone said.

Techcrunch started giving lessons on basic security elements to Twitter in public via it’s articles . It started to release the private documents of Twitter saved in Cloud Apps (Google Apps) one by one . The cloud computing is now seems something risk ,but experts say ,the fault is not cloud not any software ,the password you choose.

The moral of this incident is all about keeping a good password. A good password is very hard to guess . In a study last year, Sophos, a security firm, found that 40 percent of Internet users use the same password for every Web site they access. This makes to loose all at once if some one guessed your password.

As most of us are living an open life in-front of Twitter,Facebook and other social media our most of the personal informations are exposed and easy to access. SO that the pets name,cat’s name,mother’s name like password reminder questions became pointless and useless.

There are lot of hints for strong passwords,but I strongly suggest one : always create your password with one word of another language that you dont speak ,with the number combination. for example , “Amma” is the Tamil word for mother. If you speak English ,just type this Tamil word in English and add numbers : “Amma1123″ this password cannot be found in any dictionary by any automated program.

Be serious about your passwords ,when Twitter can fails ,why you and me not ?

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