Quick Office still believes a strong stand for it's Mobile Office Products


Microsoft  – Nokia the new alliance for Mobile Office development on Nokia devices has been  announced recently . We expected to see some shock waves on Quick Office ,the company developed Mobile Office and shipped it with Millions of Nokia devices so far.

But the company still remains cool with confident on their unmatched experience  of Software developments on Symbian platform.

Quick Office says :

  • We believe that the Office and Mobile Productivity market is an important space. This announcement highlights the relevance of our Mobile Office and mobile productivity market.
  • Quickoffice will continue to support our worldwide user base. We’re shipping on over 100M smartphones and our next version, which includes many of these announced features by Microsoft, will ship on 200M Symbian phones before Microsoft’s product comes out in the marketplace. We have a robust feature roadmap coming on Symbian and our experience on this platform is unmatched.
  • Quickoffice is one of the leading Symbian developer, but our sales on Symbian devices does not make up a majority of Quickoffice revenue. Quickoffice has always developed for a diversified portfolio of smartphone OS’ and will continue to innovate and expand our product line. Our ‘Quickoffice for iPhone’ suite is the #1 application in the Business Category on the App Store, and our file management capabilities, which provide remote access to content and documents, highlight a few features in our roadmap.
  • Nokia and Microsoft are touching on a suite of services which we refer to as “Connected Services”, and it represents the next generation of our thinking in the Mobile Office market. Quickoffice has some great solutions coming out in this space which will make Office accessible to a broader audience.

It is true that Microsoft is too late to enter the Symbian platform for it’s office development. The Microsoft’s alliance with Nokia is starting with Mobile Office development but it will continue on some other major developments in order to handle rivals of both companies .

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