OVI Files is discontinued have you got the mail ?

Nokia discontinues OVI Files from 15th of  October 2010 ,it was one of the free services  from Nokia . I also used this service for some time so  that ,I am sure ,Nokia took a good decision  . Nokia officially announced this few months back in order to alert the customers for their backups . Today they have sent the final Email regarding the service discontinuation .

“Dear Ovi Files customer,

This is a reminder that the Ovi Files service will be discontinued on October 15, 2010. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This will require a small action from you. Please uninstall the Ovi Files Connector program installed on your personal computer. To do this, execute the standard uninstall procedure on your computer. You will not lose any of your saved files as a result of this action and will find all the files previously stored in Ovi Files on your PC.” Nokia

I just discontinued this  service from Nokia already and don’t bother  about this mail at all ,If you have tried this before check your mail box  too.

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