No Privacy, Online Browsing is nothing personal any more !


If you think that you are browsing the net alone in your personal room and looking into particular information without the knowledge of a second person ,please remove that perception .

People says “God is watching everything ” . In the current Internet age ,technology recording everything and advertising giants observing every one’s every moment  spent on the net.

Target advertising is the key term nowadays for business . On-line ads developed to a stage ,to target users with particular needs and interests. For that purpose advertising companies should know ,house hold income,age,common interests ,current employment,education level ,geographical location of the online uers.

No point  in showing “Viagra ad” to a teenager who browse the net ,and No point in showing an Expensive Ladies Makeup item to a 70 years old male .

A web site selling a lip stick ,can show the particular product  priced USD 20 for a user and YSD 18 with 10% discount to another person on the same page depends on the spending pattern of individuals . It is possible now.

How to identify who is browsing the net ,who is the owner of the computer.

To track your browsing pattern ,registration activities, spending style online ,etc a small piece of software installed when you visit to particular web sites. The software is called as  “Cookie “. There are lot of type so cookies installed by various web sites. Web traffic tracking systems will install a cookie in your computer ,in order to identify unique number of visitors for their client sites.

Even Google is installing a cookie when you accessing any web site contains google ads , to track your interest and display ads(google adsense)accordingly. If you browse more sports sites ,the ads you see on any web sites should be more relevant to your interests, yes you will see more sports related ads. But this service can be turned on or off by you.

I hope you are aware about your PC’s IP number. By using the IP number ,your browsing pattern sent by cookies ,the companies identifying your age,location,income level,interests,hobbies,number of friends,chatting habits etc…

Patrick Williams, the publisher of the personal finance magazine Worth, recently asked Acxiom to find the names and addresses of 10,000 Americans from each of 11 cities who had houses worth more than $1 million, net worth of over $2 million, lived within a few miles of other rich people and subscribed to business publications.

Acxiom did the job well.

By doing some changes in the settings of your Internet browser ,you can block cookies ,but technologist say  that also not enough ,and some sites can install cookies in your PC without the knowledge of your Internet browser.

“The people who buy less frequently and are most price-conscious may get a better deal than someone who buys more frequently, who would buy anyway,” said Christopher S. Marriott, global managing director of Acxiom Digital, a division of Acxiom.

Is is almost giving   artificial intelligence to the Internet system in order to identify the person sitting in front of the web page and sell the product accordingly .

We are moving faster towards to live with A collective central knowledge base . We are registered in the cloud of computers with our online signatures (browsing patterns etc) . Which paves the way ,Easy to control crime ,Easy to commit crime . The advancement has the both sides.

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