Microsoft to offer a choice of browsers : Decades of issue being solved ?

Microsoft took a new turn after a lot of controversies and legal actions. Microsoft about to offer to it’s Windows OS users ,a list of choice of it’s rival web browsers to choose one,this feature will be inbuilt in it’s new OS and will be issued as a service via a software update to it’s existing OS versions like Windows XP ,Vista.

Windows 7 without IE

Windows 7 without IE

Now you have the freedom to choose one browser from windows OS ,and it will be installed in your PC and will be the default OS. For decades Microsoft is forcing it’s users to use Internet Explorer by issuing it for free with Windows Operating System.

This “choice of Browsers” is a proposal from Microsoft to Europe Union ,and still in the process. Once got the approval from EU only Microsoft will implement the new changes.

Microsoft says:Under our new proposal, among other things, European consumers who buy a new Windows PC with Internet Explorer set as their default browser would be shown a ‘ballot screen’ from which they could, if they wished, easily install competing browsers from the Web. If this proposal is ultimately accepted, Microsoft will ship Windows in Europe with the full functionality available in the rest of the world. As requested by the Commission, we will be publishing our proposal in full here on our website as soon as possible.

BRUSSELS (AP) – Microsoft Corp. will offer computer users a choice of rival Web browsers to ward off new European Union antitrust fines, EU regulators and Microsoft said Friday.

Microsoft said its proposal, if accepted by the European Commission, would “fully address” antitrust worries over its browser and “would mark a big step forward in addressing a decade of legal issues.”

The EU has charged the company with monopoly abuse for tying the Internet Explorer browser to the Windows operating system installed on most of the world’s desktop computers.

It welcomed Microsoft’s suggestions and said it will evaluate the proposal and seek input from other browser makers and computer companies before making a decision. If approved, the proposal could be legally binding for five years.

On the browser case, Microsoft is suggesting that users of Windows XP, Vista or its latest release Windows 7 who have Internet Explorer set as the default browser would see a Web page prompting them to pick from five of the most popular browsers in Europe. Existing Windows users would get the ballot screen from a software update.

Microsoft said the list of browsers would be reviewed twice a year based on usage data for the previous six months. Microsoft’s browser is the most widely used worldwide, but Mozilla Corp.’s Firefox is gaining in popularity.

Mozilla and Google Inc. – which recently released a browser, Chrome – are supporting the case against Microsoft.

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