Level Meter Widget for Nokia XPress Music 5800 and N97

Level Meter for S60 V5

Level Meter for S60 V5

This is a nice widget  functions as a level meter in your Nokia N97 or Nokia XPress Music 5800. Just install using your PC suite as normal applciaiton. Or just transfer to your phone then open the file there ,it will start installing the widget. I have personally tested (Yes I do every time I post in forum)it is working fine in my Xpress Music 5800.

“I made my first Nokia 5800 program, a widget (wgz) that runs full screen and it is a simple level for this phone, i saw a lot of this in iphone but none yet in 5800, only the inclinometer that isnt very good. It also says the inclination degrees of the phone (horizontal and vertical) in the upper side if someone needs more precition. Please dont kill me if you dont like it, its my first application!” : Note from Author.

Click here to download the level meter widget at our forum

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