How to take screen shot of the whole web site ?


Screen capture has never been easy like this. The default print screen key lets you take the screen shot of the visible area of the computer screen only.Aviary a new web service helps you ,If you want to take a screen shot of the whole web site at your desired resolution . You can use it in two ways

1) As a direct web screen shot service. : just type the Aviary web address with eh web site/page you want to take the screen shot like this : and press enter. Eg :

Here you can add lines ,drawings on your screen shot for illustration purpose . once all done you can select save and choose the resolution you like ,format you like.


2)Install the Add on to your firefox Browser : one you visit to the web site you have the option to download the Firefox  plug in for Aviary. Once it is installed you will get Aviary menu. That allows you a lot of options in screen capturing .



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