How to search and surf web safely using AVG Link Scanner Free Version ?

Protection against virus,spy-ware, malicious software attacks is the very important concern among  online users nowadays .

In order to be attacked by the bad web sites ,you don’t need to download anything from them,just visit the attack site ,that’s enough for you to get caught into the trap.

AVG LINK SCANNER is  one of the good tools to protect you from such web site.

canner-avg-com Picture 1

AVG offers a light weight online security tool for free. This tool works from your computer with the web integration to protect you from bad links that severs infections,virus and malicious software.One key factor is ,the AVG link scanner will work without interrupting your existing PC Virus Guard/Anti Virus Software .

After you install  this 20 MB software in your PC,whenever you search using ,you will see a mark next to every search result indicating the site is safe or not to browse .


AVG link scanner also warns you before you enter a suspicious web site if you type the address in the addess bar of the browser itself.

AVG link scanner warning

AVG link scanner warning

Lot of free  games and software download sites contains virus and malicious software. Just adding this free security you are alomst safe.

You can read more  and download the free link scanner at :

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