Wooden Made Electrnoic Ruler : Measuring is a fun now

Electronic ruler is ready for easy measuring needs . It is Designer Shay Shafranek’s concept for an electronic ruler manages to retain the familiar look of the analog instrument while making it easier to use.

Electronic Ruler at work

Electronic Ruler at work

Using the electronic ruler is as simple as using its analog ancestor. Press the power/reset button on the ruler and the LEDs light up, waiting for your input. The wooden cover conceals what the pencil in the image above is touching: a line of metal points jutting out from the inner edge of the ruler. The ruler uses the change in voltage induced by touching one of these points to calculate the distance.

Electronic Ruler

Electronic Ruler

Better yet, the ruler can apparently store measurements and add ’em up as you go along, eliminating the need for any pesky remembering or math. Of course, it is still just a concept, and there’s no indication that Shafranek has any commercial plans for it just yet.

The Shayshafranek has more great ideas abot new gadgets at his home page you can see his other ideas at
Any one have commercial ideas please contact us.(ha ha ha)


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