Cloud Platform and Cloud CRM : Exhibited in Singapore Today.

Cloud computing is one of the hottest terms in the IT industry nowadays. But ,the company located in US ,has been grown with the great success selling cloud platform and solutions for more than 10 years. Even 09 Even 09  had an event ” Cloud Force Singapore ” in Raffles City Convention Center,Singapore. Comparatively a big event recently I visited in Singapore, consists of more than 700 participants. event rating : The salesforce Singapore event is well organized. Not a single mistake in any area seen. Guests welcomed properly ,guided nicely through all  four floors up to meeting halls and expo hall,stage events and presentations are fine and creative . Online registration ,pre registration are fine. There were few lucky draws and grand prizes such as apple i pod and Mac Air Book.Agenda all on time. rate the event in total to 9 out of 10’s President and Chief Adoption Officer Polly Sumner delivered the key note.  Her presentation was very interesting and informative ,she and her team handled the presentation effectively and with a good timing sense. She declared the launch of’s   New Data Center in Singapore today. It is the first data center they have out of US.

15072009210 announced that they have exceeded Annual revenue of 1.1 Billion USD. They have 59,300 customers globally using their cloud service .’s CRM seems very productive and flexible solution for any size of industry. Enterprise Customers like Managing Director of Ricoh-Malaysia , and few others shared their success stories of’s cloud usage.

15072009209 is now in a stage of cloud platform that can be adopted new applications there are over 800 applications available to install to your cloud account in The CRM integrated with google search,twitter,facebook and further more you can integrate with other applications using’s APIs

For example , Service Cloud (CRM)  uses google and face book , twitter community’s answers and discussions as knowledge base. If you want to answer to your customer’s question about iphone headset ,just search the answer inside the CRM that will show more suitable answer received from integrated services mentioned above,then you choose the correct one ,within few clicks you can send the solution as email to your customer. declared that they made more revenue via cloud business than any of other company exists (Amazon,Google,Mozi and few others)up to-date.

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