A Letter to Nokia N97 Team by

Dear Nokia N97 Team,

Re: The low quality   N97’s lens protector that damages the lens.

I  thought to write this letter on behalf of millions of Nokia fan all around the world.


I started to use Nokia Mobiles from Nokia 3210 and bought every key models like Nokia 7610 , Nokia N80, N95 8GB , Xpress Music 5800 and now Nokia N97.

Within 3 weeks of use and after taking about 15 photos my Nokia N97 camera got scratched !. Almost my heart broken to see this.Nokia’s mistake in the creation of n97 ,that causes camera protector to damage the lens to ,cannot be taken lightly.

The money and time I spent along with Nokia is extremely high. Since I am a loyal Nokia fan I think that I have the right to take this issue- The N97’s disappointing camera issue.

After about five months of feedbacks and complains made online Nokia now officially accepted it’s mistake in mounting the lens cover that caused inconvenience and damage to the expensive flagship device .

In some instances (it seems to be pretty rare, despite the volume of N97s out there) the lens cover may have been mounted a little bit too close to the lens glass. Where this is the case it’s possible for particles of dust or grit to get stuck under the cover, which in turn could affect the lens.

If you’re an N97 user and you’ve noticed the image quality on your device is affected by this, then this is what you should do:

1. Take a soft cloth and clean the lens.
2. If that doesn’t work, get in touch with your nearest Nokia Care Point where the Nokia Care Point staff can then determine whether or not the lens and or the lens cover mechanism needs replacing under the device warranty.: Nokiaconversations

During this period ,There are several solutions given by nokia users world wide. The most famous one is

“permanent removal of the lens cover of N97”

This is a really a shame for such flagship device.

Search youtube for safe removal of n97 camera lens and you will get hundreds of guides. Why Nokia need all this shame. The video here is explainig how to replace the camera lens cover by our self. Does Nokia expects the user to be very technical personalities to do it all ?.

The price of the Nokia N97 nearly a price of a Laptop and expensive than a decent netbook. Now we are mising the main feature that we suppose to enjoy the quality camera.

If Nokia has a good Business Ethics this is the time to prove it by doing  following suggestions :

1)Nokia should immediately take steps to  solve the camera lens issue by changing with new mechanism all over the world via Nokia care centers(like dell once compensate their faulty battery with a replacement worldwide ).

2) This process should be done very faster without any denial and arguments Any customers who have original Nokia N97 should be qualify for a lens cover change.Since I am connected with hundreds of n97 users via twitter,facebook and blogs ,what i know about the Nokia cares serivce for the camera cover issue is “extremely slow”

I strongly suggest   Nokia  to take a prominent action and solve the issue,keep  the fans for ever with you Nokia.

Regards .


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