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It was quite accidental ,the name that I chose  for this blog . I mean . It was a web site for my previous computer business that had some  visible connections with the name .But after, I quit the business I started to change this into a blog in order to utilize the registered […]

Mobile Phone Roulette

Perhaps you caught someone playing mobile roulette on their mobile phone on the way to work and they were having so much fun you thought you had to try it too. Or perhaps you enjoy online roulette and are ready to play roulette even when you don’t have easy access to a computer or the […]

Thinner Apple Mac Laptop Inspired by Iphone and Ipad

Apple is releasing it’s most thinner Macintosh Laptop “MacBook Air ” this season. Apple says that they have intergrated lot of serivces availalbe for Iphone and I pad with this MackBook Laptop. The MacBook Air is 0.11 inches thick at its thinnest point and availalbe in two variants. The MackBook doesn’ have a hard drive […]

Knight Rider is back -but it’s real this time !

  I am not joking ,just talking about the Google’s self drive car. Google is testing it’s own invention now in the streets of America ,the self drive car. What we have seen in the famous film Knight Rider is real now. Techcrunch Mag is covering this story for some time and giving prominent place […]

Nokia Booklet has been announced : Detailed official specs and price !

Nokia revealed  information about the Nokia 3G booklet . the first computer from Nokia. It will be sold at the price of 575 Euros. The Nokia 3G booklet will have the following  key  features : Upto 12 hours of usage time  Last for a heavy work day Windows 7 and Intel Atom processor Charge it […]

Nokia Enters Netbook Market.

This is  not a surprise for  me . I already written about Nokia’s intention to enter the Computer market . I feel this is too late. But any how Nokia about to release it’s very first Booklet a Net-book like device ,but sadly the OS will be Windows. We are  unable to confirm the Windows […]

Nokia and Microsoft join hands for Mobile Office

Microsoft and Nokia joined together to offer Microsoft Office Mobile version in Nokia Devices.

No Privacy, Online Browsing is nothing personal any more !

If you think that you are browsing the net alone in your personal room and looking into particular information without the knowledge of a second person ,please remove that perception .

Microsoft to offer a choice of browsers : Decades of issue being solved ?

Microsoft took a new turn after a lot of controversies and legal actions. Microsoft about to offer to it’s Windows OS users ,a list of choice of it’s rival web browsers to choose one,this feature will be inbuilt in it’s new OS and will be issued as a service via a software update to it’s […]

17 years girl dead while using twitter at bath tub

” Too much of anything good for nothing ” . A teenage girl was electrocuted after dropping her laptop into the bath as she twittered in the tub.

Microsoft's Bing now on the run : check it by yourself !

Microsoft’s very new innovative Search engine Bing is now  launched. you can visit the site and test the capabilities by yourself. I will update this post with my findings soon. please post your findings in the comments sections. Click here to go for Binging Thanks techcrunch for the tweet about the launch. S.Manimaraa Follow at […]

Facebook reunites mother with long-lost son

A woman whose three-year-old son was abducted and taken to live in Hungary has been reunited with him 27 years later after finding his name on Facebook.   Avril Grube and her son Gavin Avril Grube last saw Gavin when his father took him on an outing to Blackpool Zoo. That was in 1982. Instead […]

World’s Thinner Solar Panel for Mobiles from Sharp

providing power to the mobiles are becoming a problem on the go ,there were lot of news about alternative ways. But Sharp scientists finally found a thinner solar panel that can be attached to the mobile devices. Sooner this panel will be available in the market and will be fixed with the mobiles.Now your power […]

Microsoft’s “Bing” a next generation search engine coming soon ! Tips and Screen shots

Microsoft announced about their new Search engine “Bing” on 28th May 2009 which will come with their very own modern technology. I guess that this will be something, a trend changer next to Google.

Plastic Logic reveals it's E-Reader-video from tech crunch

Now the time for us to go for  E-readers . After the massive success of Amazon’s e-reader (Kindle) ,another company called plastic logic preparing  to launch another and more thinner e reader. this interesting video gives a full understanding about the e-reader. It converts everything to a PDF and lets you jump around to different […]

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