Samsung galaxy S II – initial thoughts

It’s my second day with the new lovely Samsung galaxy S II . It is little bit  hard to move from Symbian phone to Android phone for the  long time Symbian fan (ye it’s me), even I could not imagine  about a change like this a year ago. After using my friend’s Samsung galaxy variant […]

A Letter to Nokia N97 Team by

Dear Nokia N97 Team, Re: The low quality   N97’s lens protector that damages the lens. I  thought to write this letter on behalf of millions of Nokia fan all around the world. I started to use Nokia Mobiles from Nokia 3210 and bought every key models like Nokia 7610 , Nokia N80, N95 8GB , […]

Unsatisfactory Camera Quality of N97 : see the samples

Much expected N97 seems to be less productive in the imaging area. Already I have written about N97’s video quality few days back. As a long time N95 8GB user and presently Nokia Xpress Music 5800 user ,I am not compromised  with the photo/video quality of Nokia N97. Xpress Music 5800 produces   very ordinary […]

Questionable First Impressions about N97 Video Quality : See this videos

N97 the mobile computer is going through the reviews and quality checks by the techies  .  N97 has some unique features like 3.5″ inches screen ,new widgets ,QWERTY Physical key board and more. But still the camera is  unchanged from the time of N95. I mean the mega pixels ,both are 5 MPX cameras. The […]

Nokia N97 Few Questions and Answers (hot)

The hottest mobile computer Nokia N97 started to fall on the hands of the Fans. There is a questions and answers section published  by Steve Litchfield and Rafe Blandford at All About Symbian today. It has very important questions that will help for the people to understand before buy. Nokia N97 Does a 32GB Micro […]

Palm pre preview+review in 3 parts by engadget released !

A long waited mobile , Palm Pre is ready for release on coming Saturday (06/June). “It’s not just a phone, it’s a myth, an idea, possibly a legacy… and a really, really long time coming” Endgadget mentioning in it’s very own latest review. Palm pre has a 3.2 Mega Pixel camera,screen size is 3.1″,It has […]

Nokia 6730 – Vodafone's exclusive S60 device : Announcement

Nokia and Vodafone  unveiled a new S60 device on 29th of May 09, that will be exclusive to the Vodafone network. The Nokia 6730 Classic, which will be available from June, runs on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, has a 3.2 megapixel camera, 2.2 inch QVGA screen and integrated GPS. It continues the push […]

Differences between Apple iphone 3G and Nokia N97

Nokia announced that N97 will be the rival of Apple Iphone ,two months back. Since N97 started to enter the market , Specifications and technologies are revealed clearly. Now the time to compare the device with Apple Iphone 3G. When you go through the hardware comparison given bellow simply you will understand that Nokia N97 […]

Nokia Photo Browser :Review by S.Manimaraa

Nokia beta labs released Nokia Photo  browser for S 60 V3s(FP1,FP2 N95,N96 etc)  and V5s (Nokia Xpress Music 5800,N97) on 31 Mar 2009. They have primarily released for Xpress Music 5800 then they released for all version in 14th  April 2009.I have tested Nokia Photo Browser with my Nokia N95 8Gb. After the installation when  […]

Nokia N97 ,N96, N95 the differences ,Read before buy

Let us have a look at N95 before going to N97 .N95 is the everlasting mobile from Nokia. It was introduced in 2007 and still people are using and going for it. It is the Nokias Flagship mobile series with most of the functionality.With Nokia N95 they introduced the GPS navigation system and it came […]

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