Sony Live view -I have been going through

I have been playing with my newly arrived Sony Live View device since last week . Started a genuine writeup about the lovely gadget . expect the great stuff across one of my blogs Soon.

How is internet on Motorola Xoom–my experience !

Internet experience on Motorola Xoom – Honeycomb Tablet Do you really need a tablet pc ? While I search answer for this question, I just thought to share my internet experience with the Honeycomb tablet so far. I  have a Motorola Xoom 3G/Wi-Fi version .This is my second week with this new tablet pc running […]

Samsung galaxy S II – initial thoughts

It’s my second day with the new lovely Samsung galaxy S II . It is little bit  hard to move from Symbian phone to Android phone for the  long time Symbian fan (ye it’s me), even I could not imagine  about a change like this a year ago. After using my friend’s Samsung galaxy variant […]

Full Specifications of Pantech UML 290 and LG VL 600 4G modems

AS per the request of the US readers ,I am happy to present the full specifications of the 4G modems available for Verizon Wireless USA.Here you have few images of Pantech UML 290 Modem and LG VL 600 4G Modems ,hope it will help to make some purchase decisions of your 4G companion . You […]

Samsung Galaxy S–See a full demo

Samsung Galaxy powered with Android 2.1 is getting hot day by day. This is an interesting video demo that explains all the new and exciting features Samsung Galaxy S has. I would love to trial a Samsung Galaxy S soon. Samsung Galaxy Official Video Demo: What is your reaction to this video ?

Exploding MacBook Air – Video

I am sorry to see this video , two mad guys exploding the expensive (USD 1599 )Mackbook Air using dynamite .They also took high risk on doing this just for fun,what do you think about it. See this video of explosion of MacBook Air.

Windows 7 Phone is available now

  HTC Mozart and Samsung Omnia 7 with Windows 7 operating system are available from yesterday for the world. “Stores are starting sales of Windows Phone 7 mobiles as soon as the Sun rises over the horizon – New Zealand already marked the first sale of an HTC 7 Trophy, Telstra in Australia and Orange […]

Nokia UK TV Ads -Nokia N8 in action

Watch this cool Nokia N8 TV ads and chip a cup of tea ! London’s No 1  Paparazi Uses N8 : Another Video AD for Nokia N8.

A Letter to Nokia N97 Team by

Dear Nokia N97 Team, Re: The low quality   N97’s lens protector that damages the lens. I  thought to write this letter on behalf of millions of Nokia fan all around the world. I started to use Nokia Mobiles from Nokia 3210 and bought every key models like Nokia 7610 , Nokia N80, N95 8GB , […]

George Hotz the first person to unlock the iPhone in his 17 years

George Hotz is the guru of unlocking Apple Iphone. Hotz, the 17-year-old hacker who unlocked the iPhone, is now working for CertiCell, the company that traded him a Nissan 350Z and 3 iPhones for his unlocked iPhone.

Nokia N96 gets Firmware update Version v30.033 Just Now

Nokia just released a new firmware update for the Nokia N96. The new version is v30.033 and you can download it from NSU or OTA (Over the air) option. We strongly recommend you to take backup of your data before do the update. The  changelog will be available here shortly. (If any one got it […]

Apple banned the i-porn application : C-net confirms.

Thursday I saw the first softcore porn app arrive for the iPhone, only to disappear hours later. Many, including myself, thought Apple had approved and then banned the app, but a note on the developer’s Web site indicated that he asked for the app to be removed. The developer’s note read: “The Hottest Girls app […]

Apple launches I-Porn ,It is a bad idea indeed

Anything fare in War and Love ,apple believes that, this phrase applies to it’s business also. Apple approved for the first porn application to be launched in it’s apple store today.There was similar application in the past(Only topless) ,But this is the full version of offering nude girls in the screen for porn lovers.

A guided video tour for Apple Iphone 3 G S : watch now !

This is the official guide for your iphone 3GS. See more feel more explore more !

Apple Iphone 3GS : Feed Backs : What people say ?

After the  launch of Apple Iphone 3GS  in US and UK now we are able to get the feed backs from the various users. This is a collection of feed backs from the power users and standard users of Apple iphone 3G s . Some of this are  comparisons with the Apple Iphone and iphone […]

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