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It was quite accidental ,the name that I chose  for this blog . I mean . It was a web site for my previous computer business that had some  visible connections with the name .But after, I quit the business I started to change this into a blog in order to utilize the registered […]

What I love from New Statcounter version !

Find you Google’s rank in the search results If you have a web site or blog ,you should always worry about  search engine optimization ,Google page rank,Alexa Rank and related stuff. One of the important things is the position/rank  of your web site/blog in search results of  leading search engines like Google to consider. The […]

How to make your blog more influential–A Success story !

I was amazed to see the New York Stock Exchange’s some stock information on the web last week for Nokia’s Shares. It is not about the up or down position of the  Nokia’s share ,but the supporting information given for a decision making . One of my article written on was mentioned at very […]

Threats to Online ad revenue in 2009, Find a creative solution .

Image by kawanet via Flickr There is a shrink in the market of online ads. get a lot of visitors and sell ads. Since 2004, venture investors have put $5.1 billion into 828 Web start-up companies, and most of them are supported by ads, according to the National Venture Capital Association US. Now advertisers have […]

How to create your first free wordpress blog ?: Guide Part 2

Hi ,This is my second part of the beginners guide for blogging. Last week I posted about blogging basics . This step by step guide tells you that “how to create your first free blog in wordpress?” but the steps to create the blogs in other free services also mostly same. I would suggest two […]

What is Blogging ?How to create your own blog ? A guide Part 1

Creating a blog (Online Diary)is a very easier mater ,when you have minimum a year of Internet browsing  experience. There are some basics you should know before start. And you may have (I had) the few confusing questions about blogging. 1) Blog and web site what is the different ? No  differences.The blog is a […]

How to make your blog mobile friendly ?:

 Our Vblog is now mobile friendly try once from your mobile phone .All the major sites now have their mobile versions also ,as there is a emerging need for mobile optimized sites. HTML pages are normally pretty ok with the modern mobile web browsers like opera mini,safari ,but the blog sites are not rendering properly […]

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