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It was quite accidental ,the name that I chose  for this blog . I mean . It was a web site for my previous computer business that had some  visible connections with the name .But after, I quit the business I started to change this into a blog in order to utilize the registered […]

What I love from New Statcounter version !

Find you Google’s rank in the search results If you have a web site or blog ,you should always worry about  search engine optimization ,Google page rank,Alexa Rank and related stuff. One of the important things is the position/rank  of your web site/blog in search results of  leading search engines like Google to consider. The […]

How to get Unicode Font support on Android platform ?

If you want to view web sites designed with Unicode font system ,ie web sites displaying non English fonts like Tamil,Hindi etc..on Android based phones or Tablets it is quite possible now. How to configure your Android phone or Tablet to display Unicode ? Install Opera Mini Web Browser in your Phone /Tablet which is […]

How to make your blog more influential–A Success story !

I was amazed to see the New York Stock Exchange’s some stock information on the web last week for Nokia’s Shares. It is not about the up or down position of the  Nokia’s share ,but the supporting information given for a decision making . One of my article written on was mentioned at very […]

Hostmonster hosting is expensive when you renew ! Some warnings and tips is one of the well known web hosting company today. People would love to join Hostmonster simply as  they see the start up cost  as low as  5.95 per month with unlimited services. Happy ,but when you try to renew the package you will be surprised like myself today !  The offer price is valid […]

Convert your documents into PDF using Ms Office 2007

May be you already know this ,but I am surprised to see this feature recently on Office 2007 . I was using some third party converters to create pdf documents but they put their name in the bottom of the document as the signature. If you have the same problem and want to create pdf […]

How to increase the traffick of your site ? SEO tips by

Alexa blog offering a lot of SEO tips that will help you to boost your web traffic. I have gone through some articles today and found the latest SEO article titled “how to increase the traffic to your web site ?” written by Geoffrey Mack, got some value additions.

How to search and surf web safely using AVG Link Scanner Free Version ?

Protection against virus,spy-ware, malicious software attacks is the very important concern among  online users nowadays . In order to be attacked by the bad web sites ,you don’t need to download anything from them,just visit the attack site ,that’s enough for you to get caught into the trap.

8 Tips to settle your credit card debts : don't worry ,you can do it !

Credit card is a big enemy ,if you dont plan and spend the money . The current economic crisis may bring more problem for credit card repayment for the card holders . don’t panic when you face the debt ,there are many ways to come out. This is an useful article , containing tips to […]

How to send mails with your official/other e mail IDs using hotmail

You may want to send an official quote when you are out of office, you have hotmail account ,but you want the letter should be sent using your official email ID. If you dont know the solution , this is the right guide for you.

How to take screen shot of the whole web site ?

Screen capture has never been easy like this. The default print screen key lets you take the screen shot of the visible area of the computer screen only.Aviary a new web service helps you ,If you want to take a screen shot of the whole web site at your desired resolution . You can use […]

Top 5 Lessons I learned after losing my Nokia N95 8GB

How much I loved my Nokia N95 8GB  . I cannot bring it in words. It is a real companion for me for last 1  year. It took part in my every day life and every important moment. It helped me a lot to built this blog and develop my forums. I  used OVI,Flickr,Beta Labs […]

How to Install and add Geo Tagging Service to your GPS enabled Nokia Mobile Phone ?

Geo tagging is an interesting  feature that adds your geographical location information to the photos you take in your mobile phone. If you are on a trip ,just shoot the photos.Automatically the location information will be added to the photos by the Nokia Location Tagger Software ,which will be running in the background. Few mobile […]

How to see mobile browser or test mobile web sites in your computer ?

You may want to check your favorite web site’s mobile version or want to see a web site how  looks like in mobile browser ?. But you don’t want to do it from your mobile phone for data usage charges and some obvious reasons. Here is the way to see and browse mobile versions of […]

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