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It was quite accidental ,the name that I chose  for this blog . I mean . It was a web site for my previous computer business that had some  visible connections with the name .But after, I quit the business I started to change this into a blog in order to utilize the registered […]

A Letter to Nokia N97 Team by

Dear Nokia N97 Team, Re: The low quality   N97’s lens protector that damages the lens. I  thought to write this letter on behalf of millions of Nokia fan all around the world. I started to use Nokia Mobiles from Nokia 3210 and bought every key models like Nokia 7610 , Nokia N80, N95 8GB , […]

New at Twitter : "Lists" beta released today !

Twitter introduced a new feature called “Lists” today and giving access for this beta feature for few accounts only. All users will get this feature after beta testing.

Windows XP installed Mobile Phone,Reincarnation for XP

Windows 7 is reaching every corner of the world faster and people are forced to forget Windows XP . This time a China mobile manufacturer releasing a full featured Windows XP installed mobile phone . The phone is simply named as XP Phone. Xp phone will run on AMD mobile processor and will have all […]

Video Chip inside the Paper Magazine :Click to watch the video . Video ads are being displayed in paper magazines . A small video screen like mobile phone display and chip to keep the video file inserted in the Magazine’s page displays the video ads. For the first time in the world ,Pepsi and US TV network – CBS jointly […]

Nokia Booklet has been announced : Detailed official specs and price !

Nokia revealed  information about the Nokia 3G booklet . the first computer from Nokia. It will be sold at the price of 575 Euros. The Nokia 3G booklet will have the following  key  features : Upto 12 hours of usage time  Last for a heavy work day Windows 7 and Intel Atom processor Charge it […]

Nokia Enters Netbook Market.

This is  not a surprise for  me . I already written about Nokia’s intention to enter the Computer market . I feel this is too late. But any how Nokia about to release it’s very first Booklet a Net-book like device ,but sadly the OS will be Windows. We are  unable to confirm the Windows […]

Maemo OS : will it replace Symbian S60 in Nokia Phones ?

The screen shots here   Show you the interface of Maemo OS Nokia’s next  Operating System for Nokia Devices.

Nokia and Microsoft join hands for Mobile Office

Microsoft and Nokia joined together to offer Microsoft Office Mobile version in Nokia Devices.

Twitter attack continues :Rescue team declared war on cyber criminals

Still twitter facing problem and going through hard time. As per the reports from the development team ,Today-12 of August 2009 also Twitter facing attacks .

Kid has been killed for internet addiction in China !

Deng Senshan was shipped off to a paramilitary style boot camp by his parents to cure his computer/internet addiction. These camps are notorious for treating teens harshly with physical and mental abuse. They have even been known to shock their young clients with high amounts of electricity as a punishment.

Twitter ,Face book,google Connect went down on Thursday ! Behind the scenes

“”I’ve had enough whisky and Cosmo’s pizza in Boulder,CO that I really don’t care that Twitter is down again”” – a Tweet at Tweeter. I am too late to know that due to online attacks this all giants switched off their servers for few hours on Thursday (06/08/09) Tweeple (people using twitter) and Face book […]

Colorful Lamps from Empty Ink Cartridges: A Re-Use idea

No Privacy, Online Browsing is nothing personal any more !

If you think that you are browsing the net alone in your personal room and looking into particular information without the knowledge of a second person ,please remove that perception .

World's first USB 3.0 Mother board from Asus

Asus confirms about their new USB.3 added mother boards . In order to survive in the technology market ,yo have to invent something all the time ,or you should create at least some rumors about your products to get attention .

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